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4 Apr 2017

Sona Jobarth “Fasiya” 2011 Gambia World Ethnic Afro Soul

Sona Jobarth “Fasiya” 2011 Gambia World Ethnic Afro Soul
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“A perfect blend between the purest West African tradition and the sound of bold innovation.”

Sona Jobarth is a unique case on the modern musical Olympus. She is the first griot woman to play the bark (an African 21-string instrument that remotely resembles a harp) and a guitar, in addition, Sonna is naturally endowed with compositional skills and beautiful vocal. Her parents are from the Gambia. They belong to one of the five main families of griots in West Africa. The art of griots, as is known, is passed on from generation to generation, from father to son (women, as a rule, were away from the process of transferring musical family traditions). Training begins at the age of five. Music does not record, it’s an oral tradition. The Griots keep in memory the history of their people, the history of the leaders and the history of every single clan and family. Sona is the granddaughter of the master of the game on the bark Amadu Bansang Jobarteh (Amadu Bansang Jobarteh) and the cousin of the famous performer on the bark of Tumani Diabat. In connection with the fact that Sona was born and grew up in London, her creativity is felt not only by indigenous African traditions, but also by the strong influence of the European and American jazz school. Already in 4 years she as the miracle-child gave concerts in London Jazz Café. At the age of 19, together with the famous jazz vocalist Cleveland Watches, she acted as a warm-up for Cassandra Wilson. Today in the asset of Sona several soundtracks and two studio discs - Afro Acoustic Soul (2008) and Fasiya (2011)……………

This is the cutting edge new album from Sona Jobarteh which draws on her unique West African heritage. Already receiving widespread attention for its unique sound, this album combines beautiful infectious melodies with strong West African

Exclusive to this CD is detailed sleeve notes which include English translations
to all songs…………………
Jarabi (5:05)
Mamamuso (4:15)
Saya (3:55)
Musow (4:16)
Fatafina (5:23)
Mamaké (5:08)
Bannaya (4:18)
Gainaako (4:40)
Suma (5:25)
Mali Ni Ce (4:56)
Fasiya (5:40)

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