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24 Apr 2017

Stubb "Burning Moon" EP - 2017 UK Psych Rock,Space Blues Rock

Stubb  "Burning Moon" EP - 2017 UK Psych Rock,Space Blues Rock

UK power trio Stubb will release their new single-song EP, Burning Moon, on April 29, marking the occasion of their appearance at this year’s Desertfest. Not only that, but they’ll be performing the mammoth 24-minute track - part one of a trilogy - on the Saturday at The Black Heart, joined by guests Ewan Duffus on keyboard and Thomas Mowforth of Limb and Zel Kaute of Vodun on percussion. Listening to the freshly-mastered studio version of the 24-minute “Burning Moon,” it is duly expansive as to make a trio into a six-piece, with founding vocalist/guitarist Jack Dickinson leading bassist/vocalist Tom Hobson, who makes his debut here, and drummer Tom Fyfe, who came aboard for their late-2014 sophomore long-player, Cry of the Ocean and the subsequent 2015 The Theory of Light and Matter split with Mos Generator, through movements either tied to memorable verses and choruses or floating free on a resounding psychedelic jam. 

Their one of a kind performance is set to be a big highlight of the weekend at this year’s Desertfest, so make sure you catch Stubb on the Saturday night of Desertfest at The Black Heart………….


01. Burning Moon 
Bonus Tracks from “The Theory Of Light and Matter” 2015: 
02. Priestess Of The Moon 
03. The Wingmakers 
04. Witch’s Kiss 

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