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29 Apr 2017

The 21st Century Sound Movement ‎"The 21st Century Sound Movement"1968 US Private Garage Psych

The 21st Century Sound Movement ‎"The 21st Century Sound Movement"1968 US ultra rare Private Garage Psych

When it seems, that nothing else could be discovered in the garage/psych scene always something interesting pops out. Like ‘EVOL’ last year for example, or perhaps 'Nimbus’, but today I’m presenting you '21st Century Sound’. Roger Maglio at Gear Fab has just released the tapes on the CD and there’s also going to be a vinyl version in the near future. 

There are absolutely no names mentioned on the album. The only thing we know is that one of the members was Jackie, because when they play “Fire” you can hear words “Let Jackie take over”. Everything else is unknown. The LP was recorded around mid 1969. On the recordings there was mostly non original material, but they played in that typical amateurish magical 60’s way if you know what I mean, except for the song “For The Rest Of My Life”, which was their song. 

The release includes two bonus tracks from their 45, released on 'Cave Records’. Both songs on 45 are originals. The album was recorded at Damon Studios in Kansas City, Missouri and the cover photo was taken at nearby Volker Fountain. So we should start searching for the members around this area. The cover songs actually sound very nice with great 60’s spirit. I can only wish to talk to the members in the near future. The album is recommended to any psych/garage fans….by psychedelic baby………..

A1 Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying 
Written-By – Fred Mardsen*, Gerrard Mardsen*, Les Chadwick, Les Maguire* 
A2 House Of The Risin’ Sun 
Written-By – Alan Price 
A3 The Weight 
Written-By – J.R. Robertson* 
A4 Fire 
Written-By – Jimi Hendrix 
A5 Hey Jude 
Written-By – Lennon-McCartney 
B1 Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 
Written-By – J.E. Zawinul* 
B2 Susie Q 
Written-By – Hawkins*, Broadwater*, Lewis* 
B3 Light My Fire 
Written-By – Morrison*, Densmore*, Manzarek*, Krieger* 
B4 For The Rest Of My Life 
Written-By – 21st Century Sound Movement* 
B5 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vidda 
Written-By – Doug Ingle 

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