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19 Apr 2017

The Mesmerizing Eye"Psychedelia A Musical Light Show" 1967 US Psych Rock

The Mesmerizing Eye"Psychedelia A Musical Light Show" 1967  US Psych Rock

Strangely absent from most accounts of of America’s contribution to avant psychedelia (50 Foot Hose, United States Of America, Silver Apples, Friendsound,, 
The work of The Mesmerizing Eye might just trump them all, insofar as all of the aforementioned will periodically come up for air and give the listener a chance to regain their orientation and equilibrium. The Mesmerizing Eye will have none of that sorta pussyfooting about. From the word go, this is a brainfrying mindfuck that sounds like the most twisted bits of Friendsound (“everyone must eat rhubarb pie…”) nerve-rattlingly dragged out for the album’s duration. Searing acid guitar, air raid sirens, crying babies, thunderstorms, detuned marching bands staggering past…and all of that in just the first few minutes. All you psychonauts have been duly warned. Note: All tracks on this album segue into one another, so I’ve indexed sides A & B as one track each. Also…despite the fact that it’s considered to be an LP, this album runs a scant 23+ minutes….by…music_emporium ………

Though an obvious exploitation psych LP, on the label that probably wrote the book on them, this release does get somewhat creative over the standard fare in the genre. It’s avant-gard, tape clip style psych, in which many different clips are played end to end, over top of, in and out of, etc. This is similar in style to Auralgraphic Entertainment , by The Dreamies. Though I have graded these tracks on their ability to stand alone, both sides of the album can, and should be played straight thru. Grades - 1 B+, 3 B’s, 1 B-, 3 C+’s, and 2 C’s. 
Apparently, cheapo label that Smash was, they didn’t bother to actually press mono copies, even though they did have separate labels and covers for the mono cat#. The mono copy covers state that “all Smash mono issues will play with enhanced sound on stereo systems”. What this actually means is that all Smash mono issues ARE stereo, and will naturally, sound better on a stereo system. I cannot verify that these mono issues have identical mixes to the stereo versions, though it seems highly unlikely they would create a different mix for mono, as this would entail making two separate pressings, exactly what they were trying to avoid in the first place. …..tymeshifter …………

Well, of the wild freak-out groovy party time exploitation albums I’ve heard, this is definitely one of the more genuinely strange ones. The music (when there’s music) is fairly conventional psych rock most of the time with a combination of stock/expected and unexpected/unusual studio effects. Even the straighter tracks have some surprises (there’s some VERY tasty albeit incredibly brief guitar noise at the end of Rain of Terror). That being said, it’s pretty dull and fleeting. None of these are what I’d call “songs” either. And it’s remarkably short….by…….thrasher2809 ………

his album really does earn the title of one of those psychedelic relics. It seems to be very much of a psych exploitation piece, with likely B-list session players rocking away with some pretty standard grooves. The concept here seems to be with the sounds effects slathered on to each track. It’s all pretty entertaining for those who are market for that sound of thing, but it’s definitely more of a niche album. This is the sort of thing that makes for groovy background music deep into a decadent hipster party. 

I suppose the real star of this LP is the sound effects. They wildly streak through the album in a manner that make me recall the Grateful Dead’s far better Anthem Of The Sun. Maybe you could look upon this as the low rent version of that album; all the crazy sounds without the songs to back them up. 

In fact, it seems as if the songs were written around the sound effects. “Birth Of A Nation” features some rather annoying crying baby sounds, while “May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Flute” has, wait for it… birds sounds and a flute solo. In it’s defense it does also have the unadvertised sound of crashing waves. Meanwhile “Dear Mom, Send Money” have plenty of cash register ‘ka-ching!’ sounds, and “The War For My Mind” wins me over on title alone. 

I can’t really give The Mesmerizing Eye a proper recommendation, but if you think that you’re up for this sort of thing, this lost album should hold your attention for a listen or three. Actually, I’d say the best use for this album would be to display the striking cover as wall art………..Fred Rowe………

A1 Birth Of A Nation 2:42 
A2 Rain Of Terror 2:26 
A3 Tempus Fugit 2:09 
A4 Opus 71 2:24 
A5 Twenty-First Century Express 2:32 
B1 May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Flute 2:10 
B2 Requiem For Suzy Creamcheese 2:15 
B3 The War For My Mind 1:54 
B4 Dear Mom, Send Money 2:08 
B5 Exercise In Frustration 2:07 

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