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27 May 2017

A Band Called Doris “Gypsy Lady” UK 1982 Private Hard Psych only 200 copies pressed

A Band Called Doris “Gypsy Lady” UK 1982 Private Hard Psych only 200 copies pressed

Rare early 80’s UK prog rock obscurity
Gypsy Lady is a solid private press progressive rock obscurity from a UK band who cranked out this lone full length effort. The band rolls through 10 mostly upbeat songs that are full of creativity, melancholic arrangments and progressive harmonies. The production is pretty good for a private press. Highly Recommended……by……recorddigger ………

“I can not find absolutely any information about this album except that it was released on ABCD (A Band Called Doris?) In 1982. This seems to be a private press, since the only other release I can find , Was the single "Sitting Here Waiting / Living Danger” from the same group (or rather, it was then simply called Doris.) A recent web search found a copy of this album on E-bay, sold for a princely sum of $ 180 … I’m not Very well versed in the music of the release, but because I just say that I like this album, it’s kind of something m average Ezhdu work of the early Marillion and Budgie, between the program and NWOBHM, but most importantly - he absolutely does not mean anything! His wife picked it up on our local trash when throwing out some unnecessary things … In the thrown out bag someone was about Twelve albums and half a dozen singles, all in excellent condition, including a rare copy of the double 12-inch single Kiss (still amazing that people are throwing it away). Ah, well, something like: someone’s loss, but my profit !!! “…………….

A1 Gypsy Lady
A2 Friend Of Mine
A3 Street Love
A4 Singer In The Band
A5 Cold And Lonely Town
B1 Travelling Train
B2 Hard Times (Hard Minds)
B3 She’ll Always Be
B4 Living Danger
B5 Superstars ‘n’ Rock'n'Roll 

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