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7 May 2017

A Barca do Sol “Pirata” 1979 Brazil Prog Folk

A Barca do Sol “Pirata” 1979 Brazil Prog Folk
 Pirata (pirate) was the final CD released by this interesting brazilian band. In the late 70´s prog music was stuck in a rut, so many artists started to look for other ways to deliver their works. The band was fired by their recording company after two LPs that did not produce substantial sales. So, the original Pirata Lp was an independent effort and showed the band shifting to a more traditional path. By this time cellist Jacques Morelebaum had left the fold and his presence is sorely missing. However, the songs were good and showed some promising, even if at the cost of their terrific originality.
All band members were outstanding musicians, capable of tackling almost every style. But this is a very much a record bearing the traditional brazilian sounds of the time: there are sambas, sertanejo, ballads, instrumentals and so on. Nothing that reminded the boldness of their early works. Even the lyrics are more down to earth here. And, sorry to say it, almost not prog at all. It is all very well done and played, of course, but clearly they were trying to reach a more radio friendly approach at the cost of some of their identity: they sound too much like what a lot of artists were doing by the late 70´s in Brazil. Small wonder the record was ignored by public and critics alike.

If you´re looking a for a good, simple, straight brazilian folk rhythms with some prog influences here and there, you should listen to this one. Those guys were skillful and the songwriting is above average. But it is far less challenging and progressive than the two previous Tarcisio Moura .............

"A Barca do Sol" was a Brazilian progressive rock band formed in 1973 in Rio de Janeiro, sought to mix progressive sound with Brazilian rhythms and began its career as a support band for singer Pery Reis. Also known only as the "Barca" is, undoubtedly, one of the highest exponents of Brazilian music. Its intelligent and melodious folk-rock, with jealousy and flutes and the great lyrics, makes the "Barca" indispensable item in any serious collection. Due to the instruments used their sound is generally compared to that of the band "Jethro Tull".
In 1974, the band released their first album, a self-titled album released by the Continental record label, this album featured the composer and multi-instrumentalist "Egberto Gismonti" on the "Arremesso" and "Alaska" tracks. Also in 1974, joined the then flutist "Richard Court" (Ritchie), who years later would be notable in his solo singing career.
After participating in a special for TVE-RJ, "The Boat of the Sun" began to become known to the public. In 1976, the second album was released, also by the Continental label, titled "During the Summer". At this time, there was a change in the band's formation, leaving "Marcos Stull" (bass) and "Marcelo Bernardes" (flute) and entered "Alain Pierre" (bass) and David Ganc (flute). In his presentations, the group used texts from poets called "Marginal Generation", particularly "Geraldo Carneiro", "Cacaso" and "João Carlos Padua".
In 1978, members of "A Barca do Sol" participated in the LP, "Run the Risk", which marked the debut of singer Olivia Byington. The album contains hits from the group, such as "Lady Jane", "Phantom of the Opera" and "Brilho da Noite", re-recorded by the singer, as well as unreleased songs that would compose the new album "Cavalo Marinho" from childhood".
In 1979, the group released the label Verão Produções Artísticas the independent album "Pirata". In 1980, it made a special participation in the track "Clarity, Mais Crua", of the disc "Anjo Vadio", of "Olívia Byngton", being dissolved next. Despite the end of the band in 1981, several members would remain active.
In 2000, a compilation produced and remastered by "Charles Gavin" (Titãs), called "Dois Momentos", with consecutive albums "A Barca Do Sol" and "Durante O Verão" was released...............

Line-up / Musicians
- Nando Carneiro / vocals, acoustic 6 string guitar, eletric and acoustic pianos, acoustic 12 string guitar (2) and cavaquinho
- Muri Costa / vocals, acoustic guitar, electric piano (10), acoustic 12 string guitar (4), percussion (1, 2 & 5)
- Beto Rezende / electric guitar, acoustic 6 string guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar (10), percussion (1 & 9)
- David Gane / C & G flutes, piccolo
- Alain Pierre / bass
- Marcelo (Gordo) / drums, percussion, berimbau

Guest musicians:
- Olívia Byington / vocals (6)
- Children of the Instituto Nazareth / choir (6)
- Geraldo Sanfoneiro / accordion (10)

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Vô Mimbora Pru Sertão (1:05)
2. Tereza Boca Do Rio (3:35)
3. Mercado Das Flores (4:03)
4. Cavalo Marinho (2:28)
5. Jando (5:36)
6. Jardim De Infância (4:35)
7. Desencontro (3:37)
8. Estrela (2:50)
9. Manoel (4:01)
10. Rio Preto (2:45)
11. Canção Pra Ela (2:43) 


1974 - A Barca do Sol
1976 - Durante o Verão
1979 - Pirata
2000 - Dois Momentos: A Barca Do Sol / Durante O Verão
participação no LP de "Olivia Byington"
1978 - Corra o Risco

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