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23 May 2017

Alceu Valença "Espelho Cristalino" 1977 Brazil Latin Folk Pop

Alceu Valença  "Espelho Cristalino"  1977 Brazil Latin Folk Pop

Espelho Cristalino is the fourth album of the singer and composer from Pernambuco Alceu Valença released in 1977 by the record company Som Livre . The disc features songs like “The Dance of the Butterflies” made with Zé Ramalho , “Agalopado” and also the title track. This record would be the last one on the record company Som Livre until returning in 1997 with “Sol e Chuva”. The album was re-released alongside Wet Sweat and Vivo! On vinyl by Polysom in 2016 in a special box with all the stage of the singer in the 70s by the label plus the unpublished Saudades de Pernambuco recorded in his self-exile in Paris in the year 1979.
The singer said about the album on his website:

“ The title track is inspired by the Alagoan folklore.” It was “The Dance of the Butterflies”, in partnership with Zé Ramalho, Zé had left the band to do his own work and we entered the studio with Guto Graça Mello. I decided to use a voice effect that I did not like.I always had a great care with my sonority and I protested.We discussed, he abandoned the production and once again I conducted the mix until the end.I did several shows in Rio and I left in Tour at the end of that year by several Brazilian cities . “ …………..

Musicians [ edit | Edit source-code ]
Alceu Valença : voice and guitar
Paulo Rafael : guitars and viola
Herman Torres : Viola in "Poison”, “Crystal Mirror”, “I Am You”, “The Dance of Butterflies” and “Seven Leagues”
Dicinho : Low
Israel Forbidden Seed : battery
Agrarian Noya : maracas, bongos, rattles, triangle, reco-reco and agogôs
Blonde: zabumba, agogôs and triangles
Sérgio Mello: triangle, caxixi and zabumba
Beto Saroldi : flutes and fife except for “Maria dos Santos” and “Cristalino Mirror”
Ivinho : viola in “Agalopado”, “Maria dos Santos”, “Angel of Fire” and “Veneno”

A1 Agalopado
A2 Maria Dos Santos
A3 Anjo De Fogo
A4 Veneno
B1 Espelho Cristalino
B2 Eu Sou Você
B3 A Dança Das Borboletas
B4 Sete Léguas 

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