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26 May 2017

Arnaud Rodrigues "Murituri" 1974 Brazil Soul Funk Psych Soul

Arnaud Rodrigues  "Murituri"  1974 Brazil ultra rare & excellent Soul Funk Psych Soul
A few years ago, at the same time that Chico Anísio recorded in Philips the lp "Chico Anísio inaugurates the humor dançante", produced by Nonato Buzar, Arnaud Rodrigues, editor of Chico's humorous programs also made a lively LP in Copacabana, if we do not fool ourselves . Now, when a new lp of Chico Anísio appears on Continental, in which the clever artist tells some delightful comic strips Arnaud attacks again as a singer, in lp of the same recorder "murituri" (Continental), SLP_10.130 December-73). And there is no doubt that Chico Anísio is right to keep Arnaud on his production team: after all, the versatility of the young man is impressive and he composed the songs for this album - with different partners (Antônio de Jesus / Sebastião Valentim, among the unknown , Chico himself and Arthur Verocai, among the famous) - as if writing a screen-play for "Chico City". So it goes from a tasty Sambão ("Nega") to a spiritualistic song, in the most commercial line "Superstar" in "Murituri", with very surreal verses ("The truth had sprouted / The seed explodes the earth / Make up ") going through the rhythm in the districts in" Antônio Nepomuceno "(where he had no partners). What proves this LP is the creativity of Arnaud a young man who knew to dominate the words, reasonable voice and summoning good maestros for the arrangements - Octavio and Verocai - realized a pleasant LP, that using the own titles of its songs could be said: "That and I" that "There" is the "Consumer Society". Eat up!.....................

Arnaud Rodrigues was the hero comedian who did not have time to escape the fatality that was his death in a shipwreck on the night of Carnival Tuesday, February 16, 2010. Born in Serra Talhada (PE) in 1942, Was singer, comedian, composer and author.

He was a screenwriter for Chico Anysio's 'Chico City' program, and it was there that he and Anysio created a tribute to newly exiled Bahians, Caetano and Gil, and the New Baianos, with 'Baiano and the New Caetanos'. In this pair, Chico Anysio, was the Baiano, and Arnaud made the Paulinho.

"Death, the lack of luck. I'm alive ... You know? I live without the north, I live without luck ... I live! I live, Paulinho ... Then we find a goat in the street and ask: Alright? He says to us: Alright! Is not that cheap, Paulinho? It's a cheap ... "

He recorded the first album under the influence of the sound of Pilantragem, represented at the time by Wilson Simonal, the album 'Sound & Pyla'. Then came 'Murituri', which already had a certain northeastern psychedelia. This album had the participation of great Brazilian music beasts. We blow people like Márcio Montarroyos, Léo Gandelman and Paulinho do Trumpete. On the keyboards was Zé Roberto Pastrane, from 'Azymuth'. On female vocals, the album featured Jane Duboc, Rosana and Trio Tenderness.

He also made the first exclusive soundtrack to a television soap opera, 'Tilim'. "I knew at the time that when the Americans were going to release a movie, they released six months before an LP with the track. So when the movie came out, the songs were already successful. So when people went to see the movie, it was not because of the movie but because of the songs. That's how I thought, 'Why not do some of these here too?' "

Arnaud also collaborated with the soundtrack of two films by Trapalhões, in 1984 in Trapalhões and O Magico de Oróz and in Da Filha dos Trapalhões. In both films, Arnaud composed the track, adapted the plot and participated as an actor, creating at least one character wanted by the audience, the Soró of the film based on The Wizard of Oz. While the movie 'The Daughter of the Bummer' was based on Charlie Chaplin's 'The Boy'.

He also made soap operas and humorous television programs. He always embodied the Northeastern quiet and calm and like that who wanted nothing ... He made laughing very simply. Lately he lived in Palmas, capital of Tocantins. God knows why not? But he explains how he does not want anything ...

"Once I came to do some shows here and when I got out of the airport and got into a taxi, the first thing I saw was a pequi foot with two little balls on a branch. I immediately remembered Pajeú and thought, 'This is where I'm staying!' Then I stayed and I ended up staying right here. "....................

It's really fascinating to see the genius of the true Brazilian artist! There is no doubt that Arnaud Rodrigues was one of the greatest figures this country has ever seen, so much so that it is difficult to define in which area he was most complete. An accomplished comedian, a beautiful actor, an extremely sensitive composer, a great musician and a masterful interpreter, with an unparalleled voice. That was Arnaud! 
Those who closely follow his musical trajectory know that before the Murituri, he was already extremely respected. He formed with the no less genial Chico Anysio and Renato Piau, the good-humored group Baiano and the New Caetanos and toured extensively throughout the country. Not to mention the soundtracks of TV shows, such as Chico City and Tilim. And even in his solo career, he had already designed one of the greatest masterpieces of our music, the Sound & Pyla, from 1970, with delightfully funky songs. 
Already in Murituri, it is evident the special care that they had with the production and the arrangements, with the beautiful contribution of the master Arthur Verocai. Having this mark of genius plus Arnaud's decisive contribution, one really expected a more than perfect job. 
Now, if there was a need to summarize in just one word the beauty of this record, the choice would be versatility. In only nine songs, we identified several musical styles and all with the soul and Brazilianness of our music. Unique themes, different from each other, but which in the general context are completed. 
To begin, the true essence of the so-called samba-rock, with the hyper-dancer "Nêga" (obs. Already had been worked with Baiano and The New Caetanos, in his first disc). "Nêga", here, reaches its perfection, with a precise arrangement, a lot of balance and a dirty letter (obviously in a good way). Wonderful! 
"That's Me" stands out mainly for the acid guitar and the rocker footprint in all its progress. It is practically impossible to go unnoticed. Already "On the Beach of Boa Viagem" presents a very regional climate, or to be more specific, it is a beautiful forró, in the best style Gonzaga, Dominguinhos, Oswaldinho Silva and Jackson do Pandeiro. One of the best of the record, no doubt. 
"He arrived from Bahia", remembers, slightly, the song "Nêga". It has practically the same swing and a very similar musical proposal, which is great. Closing the A side, we have "Conscachá, Fimará (Magnífico), which, analyzing coolly, could well have been written by Jorge Bem, not only for portraying / narrating some unique moments of a football match, but also for toasting with Elements of the "new samba scheme", so well executed and popularized by Jorge. 
The B-side already begins with the super rocker, "Murituri". Forgive me for the expression, but this one is fucking, by far, my favorite of the album !! There is a legend that this visceral and vibrant guitar would have been performed by Professor Lanny Gordin, however, there has never been such confirmation on the part of the guitarist. In fact, hearing the timbre / fuzz effect, I would say that makes all sense. But it is also fair to say that Lanny was already idolized by the new generation guitarists and that there were certainly many "imitators" who sought his sonority, his style. In particular, I believe more in this hypothesis. 
The taste of want can be satiated with the fantastic "Consumption Society", which has the same effect of guitar and certainly the same weight. Beautiful double! 
The songs "Antonio Nepomuceno" and "Tá" follow a more rural line, with the harmonious harmony of sertaneja music (the real one, of root), but of course, with hints of rock, soul and samba. Anyway, all the elements of our music, served in the same dish. 
After this discus, Arnaud would still release the powerful sound of Paulinho (from 1976), that reached the same degree of inspiration of the previous ones. 
The stage Arnaud Rodrigues musician, singer and performer is one of the most beautiful dreams and legacies that this great artist could have left. The countless fans of your work (like me) must agree with this ....Fabiano Oliveira.............

A1 Murituri 3:37
A2 Antonio Nepomuceno 3:05
A3 Sociedade De Consumo 3:06
A4 Tá 3:53
B1 Nêga 2:27
B2 Esse Ê Eu 3:06
B3 Na Praia De Boa Viagem 2:20
B4 Chegou Da Bahia 2:27
B5 Conscachá, Firmará (Magnífico) 3:20

1970 – Sound & Pyla (LP)
1970 – Tilim – Trilha Sonora da Telenovela (LP)
1974 – Murituri (LP)
1974 – Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos volume 1 (LP)
1975 – Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos volume 2 (LP)
1976 – O Som do Paulinho (LP)
1977 – Cuca Fresca (LP)
1978 – Redescobrimento (LP)
1982 – Baiano & Os Novos Caetanos – A Volta (LP)
1985 – Sudamérica (LP)
1987 – Arnaud Rodrigues (LP)
1998 – Coronel Totonho – vol.2 (LP)

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