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22 May 2017

Assim Assado "Assim Assado" 1974 Brazil Soul Psych Latin Funk

Assim Assado  "Assim Assado" 1974 Brazil Soul Psych Latin Funk
The name of the band and the cover of the disc explicitly reveal the influence: Dry and Wet. Investing in androgenia, progressive rock and samba-soul, Assim Badoo tried to be a response of the small Industrial Company of Discs to the enormous success that the Dry and Wet did to the young public. Led by Miguel de Deus (formerly Brazões), who signed most of the compositions and assumed the guitar and vocals, the group never took off, leaving only this single disc, now almost forgotten. Curiosity: in 1977 Miguel de Deus falls headlong into funk, casting the rather interesting (and rare) "Black Soul Brothers".............

Band formed by Miguel de Deus in 1974, inspired by the Dried and Wet and making clear both in the name, which is copied from a song of Dry and Wet, both on the cover of the band's only album. Also the visual was well androgen but the Music, a mixture of Pscodelismo, with Progressive and a strong touch of Brazilian music. The only album that had the same name as the band, did not get repercussion despite presenting a lot of sound quality..............

There is no denying or even concealing the great influence that Secos & Molhados exerted on the aesthetics of the group Assim Assimado. In this work, "we see" Ney Matogrosso, João Ricardo and Gerson Conrad at various times, whether on the cover (a satire of the original), the visual, the sound and even the name of the band (making an allusion to the song "Assim Barbado" Of the first disc). But reflecting in a deeper way, I would say that it is even unfair to reduce the work of Thus Roast to a cheap copy of the Dry & Wet. Definitely, his work is much more than that and has its own attractions, in addition, of course, to be as cult, interesting and revolutionary as Secos & Wet.
To illustrate the importance of the "So Barbecue for Brazilian Rock", we highlight the leader and principal composer: Miguel de Deus. Impossible to walk the history of Brazilian music and not come across this legendary figure, who among other important works, was also leader of the group The Brazões and later, one of the pillars of Brazilian Funk with his Black Soul Brothers. And the most interesting of all is that we find here a Miguel de Deus "a little different", singing and composing songs that go to an alternative and why not say exclusive, with elements of Progressive Rock and also regional music. His performance on this record is slightly different, for example, from the Brazões era, even the essence (in this case, psychedelic music) being the same. Just for this realization the album is already worth it.
Another important fact that deserves to be highlighted is that So Barbecue had its moment of daring (and unfortunately, of commercial failure) when registering the disc by the small label CID (Companhia Industrial de Discos). The idea was really to be the seal's response to the Dry & Wet phenomenon and, of course, to ride that success. It is unclear whether it was an opportunity or a test of courage, but the fact is that for a promising band to launch a work for a small label, at the time, was unusual.
Finally, the main fact that makes the Roasted Track so worth it are the songs contained in the album, all highly inspired and worthy of admiration.
To begin with, the samba a la Jorge Ben "Viva Crioula", the progressive "Na Boca da Estrada" and the hard "Hasta". Three different songs, but complement each other beautifully. The following songs, "Sombras" and "Morena", flirt with regional music (Rock Rural), the second in an even more incisive way, which comes to remember Alceu Valença and Zé Ramalho. One of the highlights of the album.
The Samba-Rock "Pieces" draws attention to the suingue and to present fuzz in the moments of music growth. Fuzz that is also more than present in the sequence, in the great "Yellow Gray".
Surely, the best theme of the album is the song "Rock Blue", which without exaggeration, comes to remember The Third, only to see the level we are talking about. Variations of drums, hallucinated guitar solos and great vocal performance make this song a treasure of the National Rock. This compliment also fits very well in the songs "Sol, Sal, Sol Tropical" (radiating) and "Lunatica" (lyrics highly consistent with the title and the "insane" arrangement).
So Barbecue is, say, a full plate for those who love Progressive Rock, but on the other hand, its sound is so versatile that it tends to please also those who appreciate other musical styles. Undoubtedly, this is an essential feature of what we can call "classical band".
To highlight this marvelous band and their only album released, we can reaffirm that the Assim Asado has characteristics and traits of its own and it is not a copy or cover of Dried & Wet. There is a direct influence, after all, Rock glam was in vogue at the time and the whole of Brazil was ecstatic with Ney Matogrosso and Co. So even so, we can not blame the band for mirroring what was happening in the best musical world, Even because, what their members really wanted was to present what they had the most special talent and ability to create great songs.
Try to look at the Baked So (and listen to their songs) without having any pre-established reference ... they will surely discover things that only they could show !!
Good fun!.............

In 1974 Miguel de Deus, ex-Os Brazões, formed his new band, Assim Asado. He signed most of the compositions, played the guitar and did the vocals. The main inspiration was the band Secos & Molhados, in the name, on the album cover, in the visual glitter and androgen adopted by the band. The band's sound was a mix of progressive rock with Afro-Brazilian rhythms. The group never took off and recorded only a single album, considered a rarity nowadays.

From this equation they originated incredible firecrackers, like the music "Pieces", a rock samba that begins calm and splendorous until falling in the swing of the refrain, simply irresistible. From each attempt of vocal affectation ("Shadows", "Sun, Salt, Tropical Sun") other great songs appeared as the rock "Hasta" and the contagious "Viva Crioula"..............

01. Viva Crioula
02. Na Boca da Estrada
03. Até
04. Sombras
05. Morena
06. Pedaços
07. Amarelo Cinza
08. Rock Blue
09. Sol, Sal, Sol Tropical
10. Lunática

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