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31 May 2017

Aum "Belorizonte" 1983 Brazil Prog Jazz Rock Fusion

Aum  "Belorizonte" 1983 Brazil Prog Jazz Rock Fusion

Belorizonte is the only record of the career of progressive rock band Aum. Released in 1983, the totally independently recorded record today is a relic, and so has become very valuable in the hands of collectors.
In a period where it was very difficult to record and release without a record label behind, besides being epoch where new wave sold millions in Brazil, the 5 miners of Aum, released a beautiful album mixing progressive rock with jazz fusion, creating a beautiful work Far from the hands of the great corporations of the recording industry, in a period where the stratospheric gains of record companies were very present………….

It’s not easy to find information about the Aum band that released a single Belorizonte album (1983). The same year as the masterpiece Prog Depois Do Fim of Bacamarte. Imaginatively, Aum is the meeting between Jazz Fusion, the Canterbury School and the luminous spirit of the MPB. Belorizonte is an instrumental album close to the spirit of Progressive Rock bands such as Caravan, sensitive inspiration on the piece “Belo Horizonte” with its keyboard solo and its 9mn30 (the parallel with the “For Richard” Caravan naturally imposes itself ), National Health or Hatfield and the North. I also mention the first albums of Camel and his instrumental tracks. If the inspiration “canterburian” is blatant, Belorizonte is nonetheless an album of character with a real musical unity, close to the idea that I can make of the concept album. Aum consists of José Paulo Serrao (bass), Leonardo Gementi (drums), Marcio (Frango) (guitar), Betinho (keyboard), Taquinho (guitar). Only one album, then the formation evaporated. Can not find out more……………

Line-up / Musicians

- José Paulo Serrao / bass
- Leonardo Gementi / drums
- Marcio (Frango) / guitar
- Betinho / keyboards
- Taquinho / guitar

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Tema Pra Malu (5:12)
2. Serra Do Curral (2:55)
3. Belo Horizonte (9:36)
4. Nas Nuvens (3:58)
5. 4:15 (4:15)
6. Tice (7:20) 

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