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13 May 2017

Bobby Williams "Funky Superfly" 1974 Miami Soul Funk Private

Bobby Williams  "Funky Superfly" 1974 very rare Miami Soul Funk Private 
Highly recommanded heavy authentic funk with bombs inside!
Killer rare grooves Us LP ... Explosive full album, including fantabulous "funky superfly" .Bobby was from Washington DC. Exist many different reissues in CD and LP..........

This is incredible!

You like James Brown but you find most other funk a bit insipid and lacking? Well this is the release for you! Of the many funksters to follow in the footsteps of The Godfather of Soul, Bobby Williams was the only one to get the seal of approval from Hardest Working Man In Showbusiness himself!

This is prime era funk that sounds amazingly like lost James Brown sessions, reissued with typical love and attention by the great Jazzman label!...........

A1 Funky Superfly (Part 1)
A2 Funky Superfly (Part 2)
A3 Morning Of Love
A4 Let's Jam
A5 Teach Me
B1 Soul Brother Party (Part 1)
B2 Soul Brother Party (Part 2)
B3 Get Into It
B4 Make Yourself Funky
B5 Fair Trade

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..