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12 May 2017

Brother Ape “Karma" 2017 Sweden Prog Rock

Brother Ape “Karma" 2017 Sweden Prog Rock

Swedish crossover prog band Brother Ape return with their 7th full length album to date. The band broke out of their composing, recording, gigging routine they had done so many years by first recording three EP’s which they released on digitals platforms first. The best tracks of these EP, plus some really great new ones were rerecording for the brand new album ‘Karma’. The trio’s albums sounds fresh with many melodic prog, fusion and pop influences. 

Line-up / Musicians 
- Stefan Damicolas / guitars, vocals 
- Max Bergman / drums 
- Gunnar Maxén / bass 

Songs / Tracks Listing 
1. Oblivion 
2. If I Could 
3. 16 
4. Hina Saruwa 
5. Don’t Stand on my Grave and Cry 
6. Let the Right One In 
7. You Are 
8. Karma 

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