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1 May 2017

Coalition "Birth" 1978 US Private Soul Jazz,Modal Jazz,Fusion

Coalition  "Birth" 1978  US Private Soul Jazz,Modal Jazz,Fusion

Coalition’s single self-produced album, recorded for the private Kenya Records in 1978, presents as many questions as it does offer musical surprises. Not much is known about this groups who were a part of the late 70s Philadelphia jazz-soul scene. The music captured for the LP spans a broad range of styles, ranging from an intense fusion work-out (the album opener, ‘Marionette’), a mellow Terry Callier-esque style ballad (‘Thinking of You’), abstract tonal impressionism (‘Song to my Lady’), Afrocentric Strata East spiritual style jazz (‘Kenya’s Horizon’) and tough blowing hard-bop (‘The Downer’). In some senses, there’s something for everyone, and the bands instrumentation of tenor and flute riding over the solid rhythm section puts the listener in safe hands to enjoy a journey to the unexpected.

Those safe hand include drummer Dwight James. A one-time member of the Sounds of Liberation, a band that included Byard Lancaster, James was a respected and well-regarded drummer around Philly and he appears on a number of deep jazz records including the rare Sounds of Liberation album from 1972. James was also tight with the Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble, appearing on the 1973 psych-jazz album ‘Drum Dance To The Motherland’.
James also recorded his own one and only solo album in 1983 for Cadence Records, ‘Inner Heat’.
The Coalition album was only pressed in small numbers and available at Coalition live shows and local shops and so became quite a collectable piece for dealers and DJs............

Almost three years ago I presented to you osurec's wonderful find, Coalition - Mindsweepers from 1976. Their second and last album was very hard to find until someone unearthed it in a flea market for a couple of dollars of all places… (such is the survival of these masterpieces, analogous to Petronius' Satyricon surviving as a toilet paper roll's worth of pages through the middle ages…) It did cost me an arm and a leg to get my hands on the vinyl though, and now I'll present it to you publicly from my wheelchair after having finally resold the record at a huge loss.

Evidently the band went in a more commercial direction like so many others at this time, abandoning the classical music influences that made the former record such a progressive wonder. Now we have only straight ahead soul jazz with one attempt (to my mind quite successful) at forging a radio friendly hit (Thinking of You, sampled below).

Those who prefer fusion, progressive, or hard rock, should stay away, really this is just another astral jazz album. But on those terms alone, it's quite good. Note that, oddly enough, the back is the same as the front.And stay tuned to our show, because coming in the next few weeks we'll hear more free jazz with vocal stylings (for ushaped and myself) as well as return to progressive treasures lost from the past and some more of that kraut hard rock I love so much, sprinkling in some records from the least favourite subgenre of prog, RIO… Also I want to revisit Alan Hawkshaw, the brilliant composer of library music, his "Contemporary Contrasts" was quite a popular post in this space…..ProgNotFrog.............

A very hip group from the 70s Philly scene – a jazz combo who've got a soulful swing and a wonderfully lyrical feel! The record has a bit of vocals, but really just added in as flavoring for the quartet's excellent instrumental interplay – a blend of tenor and flute with piano, bass, and drums that steps out wonderfully – often with a bit of a Strata East sort of vibe, especially on the longer, more searching tracks! The groove is way deeper than you might guess from the cover, or the monotone look of the set – and the set's one of those rare 70s nuggets from a small label that has more surprise and imagination than most big label jazz sets of the time. Titles include "Marionette", "Bill's Samba", "Kenya's Horizon", and the excellent "The Downer"..................

Tony Branco - Piano

Mike Falcone – Tenor Sax, Flute

Bill Collins – Bass & Vocals
Dwight James - Drums & Percussion

A1 Marionette 11:14
A2 Thinking Of You 6:37
A3 Song For My Lady 1:27
B1 Bill's Samba 4:38
B2 Kenya's Horizon 11:40
B3 The Downer 7:00 

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