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11 May 2017

Country Joe McDonald & The Bevis Frond "Eat Flowers & Kiss Babies" 1999

Country Joe McDonald & The Bevis Frond  "Eat Flowers & Kiss Babies" 1999

When the Bevis Frond met Country Joe McDonald in San Francisco in 1998 it was an auspicious occasion. Country Joe had been one of their most revered musical heroes of the 60s, so when Joe asked them to join him on stage at London's prestigious Queen Elizabeth Hall they didn't have to be asked twice. The ensuing gig was so successful, they did it all again a few months later at His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen. The resulting album is now available on heavy grade vinyl, mastered at Abbey Road or a beautiful 6 page Digipak CD from Woronzow Records.......

Recorded live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, and His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen, 1998.

NEIL HORNE saw Country Joe McDonald last night at His Majesty's Theatre as Part of the Aberdeen Alternative Festival.

GIVE us an "F" ... give us a "U." The legendary "F... Cheer" (invented at a 1968 Central Park performance to introduce anti-Vietnam "Fixin' to Die" anthem) was the only proper way to start the second half of the show.

Pity they couldn't have dreamed up a better way to open the first half.

I thought we'd come early. The stalls were still far from full and centre stage a badger-bearded roadie in a bandana was tuning an acoustic guitar.

"I'm Country Joe McDonald," he announced without so much as a kazoo fanfare.

"And I'm happy to be here."

It was a bit like one of those Talking Frankly tours -- with blurred recollections of psychadelia; great names like Janis Joplin, and great music from the likes of Woody Guthrie.

It was a Save the Earth, hippyish sort of first half with Shaker hymns and whaling songs and anecdotes of the Sixties.

But for a man who described himself as "older than a redwood tree" he turned the first half stroll into a second half rock 'n' roll gallop down memory lane.

He dismissed the hiccups and false starts with his barely-rehearsed backing band as "effing magic -- just like The Fish all over again."

But by the end of the all too short set they were definitely cookin' with gas and serving up tasty twin guitar solos.

One minor moan. OK, a "Hello Aberdeen" or "Nice Festival" wouldn't have hurt, Joe...............Rag Baby.........

The Bevis Frond

Nick Saloman, lead guitar
Nick Saloman is the singer/songwriter/guitarist behind the Bevis Frond, the founder of Woronzow Records and publisher of psyche-rock magazine Ptolemaic Terrascope. Having started playing in bands in the 60s, he quit for a while until the compensation from a motorcycle accident enabled him to buy a 4-track recording set up. He recorded his first album Miasma, in 1986, which received sufficient critical acclaim and sales to encourage him to take the project further. The latest Frond album is Nick's eleventh and the live line-up tours regularly in Europe and the USA.

Adrian Shaw, bass guitar
Adrian Shaw is a veteran of many bands, some well known, some not, dating back to the 1960s. Having played with such groups and artists as Hawkwind, Arthur Brown and Atomic Rooster, he was a founder member of heavy-duty psychedelic band Magic Muscle. Ade now combines running Woronzow Records with Nick, alongside a successful solo recording career and has been in the touring Bevis Frond line-up since it's inception.

Andy Ward, drums
Andy has been playing professionally since he was 14 years old. A founder member and leading light of celebrated 70s prog-rockers Camel, he also had a stint in Marillion amongst many others. Andy joined the Bevis Frond in 1994.

Aaron Shaw, keyboards/lead guitar
Aaron is 19 years old and the son of the aforementioned Adrian. He was drafted into the Bevis Frond to supplement their line-up specifically for the Country Joe gigs on both guitar and keyboards. The Country Joe dates were his first ever live performances............Rag Baby.........

Joe McDonald: Vocals, guitar, harmonica and kazoo
Nick Saloman: Guitar and vocals
Aaron Shaw: Piano, organ and guitar
Adrian Shaw: Bass
Andy Ward: Drums

1 I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag 3:51
2 Here I Go Again 4:46
3 Rock Coast Blues 3:30
4 Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine 4:24
5 The Acid Commercial 0:35
6 Bass Strings 6:38
7 Who Am I? 4:42
8 Flying High 4:04
9 Rock 'N Soul Music 7:03
10 Death Sound Blues 9:09 

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