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16 May 2017

Crash Coffin “Crash Coffin”1970 US Ohio Private Country,Blues,Psych Rock

Crash Coffin “Crash Coffin”1970 US Ohio Private Country, Blues, Psych Rock 
Crash Coffins eponymous album was originally released privately in 1974 on the MUS-I-COL label. It is very rare and sought after by early 70s US psychedelic collectors worldwide. Not unjustly so, since it contains one of the best psychedelic songs ever recorded (God Loves the Loser) and a couple of other great moody psych tracks. It contains 2 unreleased bonus tracks from the same period. 500 pcs limited edition, deluxe 180g vinyl, heavy original cover and insert with group history. Insert also contains a sketch of how the original cover was supposed to become, if it were not for lack of funds, that led to an original release with plain white covers - half of them carrying Crash Coffins signature..........

Here is Crash Coffin. This is a bizarre oddity from rural Ohio released around 1970 on the Mus-i-col label. Only collectors of strange and unusual psych will want this one as most of the songs such as "Masochist Blues" and "Amazon Women" are really bent. "Alone Together" is a masterpiece with an extremely spooky eerie feel. This is primo copy overall. ..........

"The self-titled debut album by this Ohio based songwriter was released privately on the Mus-i-Col label in 1970 backed by a full band. All copies that exist have unique sleeves made by Crash himself. The actual finished sleeves he claimed were destroyed by fire, but he likes a tale to tell! Truth is, the cost of producing finished sleeves proved to be too expensive! Reviews claim the music to be rural acid psychedelia. Well maybe... really, he's a living history of American popular music! It's easy to hear how much he admires Elvis. Several of the songs, particularly the tender ballad 'Lilly,' show the King is an influence, but there's also Dylan too, with his humorous take on the issues of the time. Women's Liberation, space travel, and religion all get the 'Crash' treatment, with the confident support of rock 'n'roll, blues, country and jug band styles. Each of the ten tracks exhibit a fine grasp of song craft, are very musical, and certainly entertaining listening. The man himself remains an enigma."..............

Crash Coffin is a fellow from Ohio who put together a band and recorded ten of his songs on a local label back in 1970. Crash had a good grasp on singing, storytelling and songwriting as well as a working knowledge of various musical genres. 

This wellknown LP has a couple of great moody psych tracks with excellent vocals like "Alone together" and "God loves the loser", but also some less appealing stuff and is a rather inconsistent backwoods trip all over. The mix of styles is unlikely to make anyone enjoy this from start to finish, but there are some great moments nevertheless...............

Possessing a name that suggests a doom metal or hardcore punk-rock band, Crash Coffin is actually a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Born Neil Coffin, the Ohio based artist began playing rock and roll back in the ’50s, and still stages the occasional gig. 

Initially released in 1974, Crash Coffin (Gear Fab Records) survives as an interesting and eclectic collection of functions and figures. Clearly not conceived for commercial purposes, the album, which takes in everything from blues to country to polka to jugband to folk to vintage rock and roll sounds, smacks of homegrown charm. 

Directed by frantic piano work and whooping wails, the wild and crazy “Masochist Blues” does Jerry Lee Lewis better than Jerry Lee Lewis himself, where “Looney Polka” really is a looney polka tune, “Blue Kazoo” grooves along at a cool and carefree pace, and the moody “Lily” steps in as a reflective ballad. 

There’s a lot here to be admired, especially Crash’s bluesy countrified singing. Exuding honesty and expression, his rich and arresting vocals are pitched somewhere between those of Johnny Cash and Buck Owens. Witty and observational lyrics, filled with colorful characters and often humorous meditations on religion and life in general, complete the songs. 

A true labor of love, “Crash Coffin” was simply too off the wall to fit into any particular box at the time it was recorded. Had the disc been recorded today, there’s no question the roots rock sector would embrace it and declare it a masterpiece of its type..............BY BEVERLY PATERSON.............

Crash Coffin [which I’m sure is not his actual name] recorded this self-financed, limited edition album [500 copies with individual artwork for several of the albums, as he was unable to afford proper jackets], comprised of songs and ideas liberally stolen from across the radio dial in the year of 1970. “Mama” is a blatant theft of Dylan’s “On The Road Again,” while “Freedom Cake” would not seem out of place on Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant,” though lifted from Lovin’ Spoonful outtakes is more likely ... and I haven’t even gotten to his takes on Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley, proving that if you’ve got the money, and think that you have living room full of talent, then why not think you can self-finance yourself into the big-time. 

This is one of those records collectors love, it fits no genre, has a limited edition and a shady backstory to make it all that much more enticing. If I’m not mistaken, Crash Coffin is one of a variety of records that one could purchase from the back pages of Rolling Stone Magazine for one dollar plus shipping, that also came with a degree in counseling, hypnosis, and religious studies. I’ve heard people suggest that with a bit of support from a label, this outing could have been popular ... but I think not, there is no consistent flow to the songs, nor is there a central theme or idea, merely a collection of oddball ditties, some good, most not, that fail to hang together even loosely; though to be honest, I’m glad it’s out there, seemingly passed by word of mouth with sly smiles for those with pleasantly demented minds. 

Hey ... grab yourself a slice of apple pie, load on the whipped cream and have yourself a good time. .............Review by Jenell Kesler.............

A1 Masochist Blues 
A2 Lilly 
A3 Amazon Women 
A4 God Loves The Loser 
A5 Mama 
B1 Alone Together 
B2 Freedom Cake 
B3 The Swing 
B4 The Loony Polka 
B5 Blue Kazoo

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