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29 May 2017

Cry Babies “Cry Babies” 1969 Brazil rare Latin Psych Funk Soul Groove

Cry Babies “Cry Babies” 1969 Brazil rare Latin Psych Funk Soul Groove

CRY BABIES is not just a Rare LP. It’s a sensational LP. Osdan (Contrabass), Carioca (Tumbadora), Ovid (Guitar), Moacir (Piano) and Rosana and Aldo (Singers) ), And breaking the Participation of Sergio Carvalho (Organ).
Oberdan also participated alongside the sensational Raul de Souza and the legendary drummer Robertinho Silva, from the group IMPACTO 8. In order to get an idea of ​​the greatness of these musicians, Oberdan and Luis Carlos integrated Historical Bands like Dom Salvador & Abolição and Banda Black Rio.
Serginho Trombone needs no introduction. Trombonist and Arranger with a long list of services rendered to MPB. He also participated in historical bands such as Dom Salvador & Abolição.
We also have Rosana Fiego, or simply Rosana, who decades later would be consecrated with Music Love and Power.
The repertoire is magnificent. With passages by Kool And The Gang and Burt Bacharach. Very SOUL & GROOVE. I emphasize the destructive version of Good Golly Miss Molly (Robert Blackwell / John Marascalco), previously known in the executions of Little Richard and Creedence Clearwater Revival………..

Artwork – Mibielli
Bass – Oswaldo*
Congas – Carioca (8)
Coordinator – Nelson Attílio
Drums – Luiź Carlos*
Guitar – Ovídio
Organ – Sérgio Carvalho
Piano – Moacir
Producer – Durval Ferreira
Saxophone, Arranged By – Oberdan*
Trombone – Serginho*
Trumpet – Paulinho*
Vocals – Aldo (12), Rosana (2)

01 - It’s My Thing (Isley Brothers)-00:00
02 - Kool & The Gang (Robert “Kool” Bell - Ronald Bell)-02:34
03 - Daydream (Sylvain Vanholme - Raymond Vincent)-05:40
04 - Hey, Blood-09:02
05 - Questions 67/68 (Robert Lamm)-12:17
06 - Blas Blas Blas Soul-15:50
07 - More Today Than Yesterday (Patrick Upton)-19:31
08 - Caminhos Diabolicos (Evil Way) (Clarence “Sonny” Henry)-22:07
09 - I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)-25:37
10 - Midnight -30:02
11 - Good Golly Miss Molly (Robert Blackwell - John Marascalco)-33:08 

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