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5 May 2017

Dennis Yost & The Classics IV ‎ “Song” 1970 US Pop Rock

Dennis Yost & The Classics IV ‎ “Song” 1970 US Pop Rock

Classics IV was a pop rock band formed in Jacksonville, Florida, United States, in 1965. The band and its lead singer Dennis Yost are principally known for the hits "Spooky" and "Stormy", both released in 1968 and both of which have become cover standards.
The group grew out of a local cover band called The Classics, consisting of Talmadge Branch, Walter Eaton, Burt Norton, and Robert Nix, who went on to play in The Atlanta Rhythm Section and on the first two Lynyrd Skynyrd albums. However, the very first Classics consisted of Walter Eaton on lead guitar, Burt Norton on rhythm guitar, Glen Futch on bass guitar, Bobby Bowen on drums, plus Greg Carrol on saxophone, with a second sax player added at a later date.
Most rehearsals were held at the Norton residence in the Lakewood section of Jacksonville, Florida, beginning sometime in 1960 or 1961. The band played Ventures covers, instrumental versions of "Misty" and "Summertime", and a rendition of The Tornados "Telstar", as well as "Sherry" by The Four Seasons. Robert Nix and Dennis Yost traded places on drums a few times prior to the Classics IV being formed.
The original Classics IV members were Dennis Yost (vocals & drums), James R. Cobb (guitars), Wally Eaton (guitars) and Joe Wilson (bass). During live shows, Yost would stand in the front of the stage and play drums while singing the lead vocals. Wilson was eventually replaced by Dean Daughtry.
The Classics IV moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1967 and were discovered by Bill Lowery who produced their first national hit in 1968 with "Spooky", a song they recorded in 1967 on the Imperial Records label. Guitarist James Cobb and producer Buddy Buie added lyrics to an instrumental called "Spooky", a regional hit for saxophonist Mike Sharpe.
The song made it to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the U.S., and #46 in the UK.
Having achieved popularity, the group brought in Kim Venable on drums so that Yost could focus on singing. They changed the band name to Classics IV Featuring Dennis Yost and enjoyed two last Top 10 hits, "Stormy" (1968, #5) and "Traces" (1969, #2) and a Top Twenty hit, "Everyday With You Girl" (1969, #19).
They changed their name again, to Dennis Yost and the Classics IV, and had one last minor hit, "What Am I Crying For?" (1972, #39) on the MGM South label. Cobb, Daughtry and producer Buddy Buie joined the Atlanta Rhythm Section in 1974
Yost continued to perform with Classics IV for the next thirty years with the most recent lineup also including Brian Correll (lead guitar, backing vocals), Don Martin (bass guitar, backing vocals), Perry Williams (keyboards, backing vocals) and Doug Reed(drums).
Dennis Yost was credited as the creator of the "Southern Soft Rock" sound. He was known as "the singer's singer, and "The Classic One" because of his smooth, unique voice, and was described as singing "with a tear in his voice". He was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 1993, an honor he coveted most, because Ray Charles, his favorite singer, was inducted a few years before.
Following an outdoor concert on September 24, 2005 at Chenay Bay Resort, St. Croix, Virgin Islands at "Kat-Fest", Brian Correll and Don Martin headed for home, while the rest of the group stayed on the island for about a week. Martin had some business affairs to attend to and Correll returned to the recording studio to work on some songs that the group had been putting together for a new album to promote a 2006 tour, which would have marked the 40th anniversary of the group.
However, plans for 2006 were soon abandoned after Yost became seriously ill. On July 11, 2006, while recovering at home in a suburb of Cincinnati, Yost fell down a flight of stairs and suffered serious brain trauma. Although Yost subsequently underwent a significant amount of rehabilitation, he was never again able to perform. Since Yost's unique voice was integral to the Classics IV sound, his injury effectively placed the group on hiatus
After Dennis' accident he chose Tom Garrett to replace him as lead singer. The plan was for Dennis to make a few yearly "special appearances", however Dennis was only able to perform with them for one appearance in 2008. Tom and Dennis worked closely together to develop the current line-up. He chose Tom to help him keep The Classics IV music going in the Classics IV tradition. Dennis would listen to the band on recorded CDs and during that time Tom and Dennis became close friends.The band Dennis chose continues with The Classics IV Trademark is: Tom Garrett- Lead Vocalist, Kevin Lloyd-Bass, Tim Ridgeway-Drums, Joe Sadler-Guitar, Garard Motague III-Sax & Flute and James Yoder-Keyboards.
Dennis had two last wishes…for The Classics IV music to continue and to help people with severe brain trauma. Dennis and his wife Linda began laying the groundwork for The Dennis Yost Severe Brain Trauma (SBT) Foundation "AWAKENING". The foundation plans to be up and running by 2011. It's mission is to educate and build awareness of Severe Brain Trauma. It is the #1 KILLER and DISABLER of people in the USA from the ages of 1-44, with virtually no aftercare, which is most important after a SBT. For more info on Dennis' foundation go to:
Dennis Yost died of respiratory failure, on December 7, 2008, at the age of 65.Yost owned the rights to the Classics IV name for performing and recording. Cover versions of "Spooky" have been recorded by several artists including Dusty Springfield, Gary Walker and The Rain, The Velvet Monkeys, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Lydia Lunch, Daniel Ash, Jazz Butcher, Puppini Sisters, David Sanborn, Shock of Pleasure, Marc Antoine and Imogen Heap for the soundtrack of the film, Just Like Heaven Just Like Heaven (film)

Vinyl LPs
* Spooky - Imperial 12371 - 1968
* Mamas And Papas/Soul Train - Imperial 12407 - 1968
* Traces - Imperial 12429 - 1969 (as Classics IV featuring Dennis Yost)
* Song - Imperial - 1970
* Golden Greats, Volume 1 - Imperial 16000 - 1969
* What Am I Crying For?/Rosanna/Make Me Believe It - MGM South - MSH-702 - 1972/73 (as Dennis Yost and The Classics IV)
* Lil' Bit Of Gold - Rhino R3 73004 - 1988 (this is one of Rhino's rare gold 3 inch CD singles featuring the band's four hits, "Spooky", "Traces", "Everyday With You Girl", and "Stormy") (as Classics IV featuring Dennis Yost)
* The Very Best of Classics IV - Capitol - 1988
* The Greatest Hits - EMI Special Products - 1992
* Best Of Dennis Yost & The Classics IV - Imperial/Capitol from the (Legendary Masters Series) 2003
* ' "Atmospherics" 28 hits of Dennis Yost and The Classics IV' Australian release 2003
* The soundtrack of "Six Feet Under" HBO series, "Spooky" 2004
* "Spooky Spooky (classic song) " - Imperial 66259 - 1968
* "Stormy" - Imperial 66328 - 1968
* "Traces" - Imperial 66352 - 1969
* "Everyday With You Girl" - Imperial 66378 - 1969
* "Change Of Heart" - Imperial 66393 - 1969
* "Midnight" - Imperial 66424 - 1970
* "The Funniest Thing" - Imperial 66439 - 1970
* "What Am I Crying For?" - MGM South 7002 - 1972

A1 Where Did All The Good Times Go
A2 Cherryhill Park
A3 The Funniest Thing
A4 Pick Up The Pieces
A5 We Miss You
A6 Midnight
B1 The Comic
A2 God Knows I've Loved Her
B3 Most Of All
B4 Ain't It The Truth
B5 Nobody Loves You But Me

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