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10 May 2017

Down From Nothing “ Down From Nothing” 1971 US Private Psych

Down From Nothing “ Down From Nothing” 1971 US very rare  Private Psych 
full only on vk……..

Not to much Information available for this Record, it is from illinois from 1971 (I seen a old auction post claiming this date), and is from a band that later was called The Pound. Very Rare and sought after, it has the original homemade glue on cover and backing with no splits in jacket……………..

Alto Saxophone, Twelve-String Guitar, Vocals – Dave Bither*
Bass – Bill Graening
Guitar – Mark Wydra
Keyboards – Greg Shannon
Percussion – Keith Manson
Vocals – Dave Kajor

A1 Precipice 3:55
A2 Burncrust And Cork 2:30
A3 Dedication N°.4 2:30
A4 Nobble Tree 2:16
A5 Tower Of Babal 6:25
B1 Little Intro I Wrote 1:00
B2 Stophole Alley 4:48
B3 Section Of The City 2:25
B4 Tace 6:25 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..