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25 May 2017

Eduardo Araújo “ Eduardo Araújo” 1972 Brazil Psych Rock,Soul Funk

Eduardo Araújo “ Eduardo Araújo” 1972 Brazil Psych Rock,Soul Funk


Here we can enjoy the debut work of Eduardo Araújo in RCA. And what a job! It's a real "foot in the chest", an album full of energy, with new perspectives, which surprised even the most attentive fans, who had accompanied Eduardo for at least ten years.
This magnificent artist was in a moment of extreme creativity. I had been strolling through the iê-íê-íê, calypso, soul, funk, psychedelic rock and all this luggage made with this album was born with a very particular sound, but at the same time, with strong influences of tropicalismo, that still echoed in every scene Brazilian.
I make a parenthesis to also highlight the work of the master Willy Verdager, on the double bass. He was instrumental in the conception of this work, not only because of the rapturous (always) groove, but also because he participated actively in the Tropicália movement and, of course, brought some of that atmosphere. No doubt, the right guy at the right time!
"Kizumbau" is the album's strongest song and not by chance, it was chosen to be the opening theme. We identify a beautiful mix of rhythms that gives a special color to the art proposed by Eduardo. The singer himself defined the song in a definitive way: "While visiting the islands of Bahia de Todos os Santos, I had the opportunity to search for several primitive sounds in search of something I could export. I came to a conclusion that by mixing primitive instruments, electronic umbanda points, soul voice, and using the same subdivision of the native percussion ("Quizumba") one could achieve something positive, a new sound. Then I christened Kizumbau.
That's it...
The song "Answer" has the same essence of Kizumbau, only a little more drawn to the fusion of rock and Latin music. A total cheap!
The most sensitive should be moved with the song "Mônica", a sincere homage to his daughter, who had just turned one year old. Here we can feel, without a doubt, the unconditional love of father and daughter, as well as the purity of that feeling. A beautiful record!
"Seca Brava" is one of the best of the album. A contagious suingue and backing inspired vocals, led by the wonderful Silvinha and Cyro Aguiar.
Listening to "Without Love There Is No Peace" came to mind the recent attacks in Paris and obviously the counterattack of France. An even scary challenge! Eduardo Araújo already said in 1972: "The best way to save the world is to start all over again ...". Never has a thought been so current. Unfortunately, little has changed since then and we are still suffering from intolerance.
The classic Catulo da Paixão Cearense, "Luar do Sertão", received a powerful version, with elements of progressive rock. A real beating!
"Terra Seca" shows a modern, firm arrangement that shows the beautiful poetry of Ary Barroso.
"Negro Deus" presents a letter that makes us reflect, in a very direct and transparent way, on racial differences. It is sad to see that the questions of this song are still present today. The talk here is very serious!
"Live as Dead" follows the line of soul music and the main highlight is the late Bolão, sax. Already "Sea of ​​Two Suns" shows the immense talent of Alfa Centauri, a group that is practically unknown by the general public. A feather!
Finally, "Sodade, Meu Bem Sodade", by the great Northern Ze. Another providential re-reading, which certainly made the author proud.
I believe that Eduardo Araújo would still reach the apex of his career with the classic Pelos do Caminhos do Rock (last work by RCA) and in the daring Sou Filho Desse Chão (in partnership with Silvinha Araújo), but this 1972 album, in my opinion , Has a place guaranteed in history as one of the best works of the 70's. In it, we can hear and feel, in a profound way, all the climate that Brazilian music presented at the time and this brings a feeling of nostalgia even for those who do not Lived all this. Impressive!
Enjoy this pearl ... it does very well for the soul!..........By Fabiano Oliveira............

01- Kizumbau 0:00
02- Mônica 3:38
03- Seca Brava 7:19
04- Sem Amor Não Há Paz 10:40
05- Luar do Sertão 13:37
06- Terra Seca 18:55
07- Resposta 21:58
08- Deus Negro 24:22
09- Viver Como Morto 27:38
10- Mar De Dois Sóis 30:29
11- Sodade, meu bem sodade 34:32

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