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23 May 2017

Eduardo Araujo & Silvinha "Sou Filho Dêsse Chão" 1976 Brazil Psych Funk Soul Rock

Eduardo Araujo & Silvinha "Sou Filho Dêsse Chão" 1976  rare & excellent Brazil Psych Funk Soul Rock


It is a psychedelic album of 1976 by the couple Eduardo and Silvinha Araújo. Very good lyrics and an impressive instrumental that mixes rock, baião and … capoeira! Yes, it was the one that marked me on the album and that’s why I put it here in the average ginga, the songs 4 and 9 call both ‘capoeira’, the lyrics that tell a little about the history of capoeira angola, the capoeira mother. Also note for the last song: “Opanigê”. The LP also has the participation of the ardada concert of Dominguinhos!
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If it was necessary to indicate only one Brazilian rock record, Sou Filho from that floor of Eduardo Araújo and Silvinha would have a great chance to be the chosen one. In this case, not because it is better or worse than the discs of the Mutantes, Space Patrol, Raul Seixas or Made in Brazil, but for representing in a sublime and special way the Brazilianness that there is in our music and also for showing a way well Our of making Rock n Roll, with the successful fusion with other rhythms. This is the main feature of the album.
It is worth mentioning that, when Sou Filho Desse Chão was released, both Eduardo Araújo and Silvinha had already released the main works of their respective careers: Pelos do Caminhos do Rock and Silvinha (1971). Anyway, listening to the album, one perceives a very large delivery of both, a huge desire to carry out a work that was for posterity, after all, their voices are intact and their performance is killer. And yet they had the happiness to count, almost entirely, with the services of the majestic Dominguinhos in the accordion. Dominguinhos was essential, because it gave that special flavor in the songs, bringing them to a more regional format, which provided the perfect union between Rock and Baião, something that Raul so much preached a few years before with his “Let Me Sing, Let Me Sing ”.
This energy begins to roll with great intensity already in the first song, “I am Son of this Floor” and goes through some others of the disc that are, surely, the main tracks, “Manda Although the Sadness” and “Mixing Rock with Baião”. These songs are so perfect that they should please both those who like Rock only and those who just like Baião. It is the miracle of the junction between two rhythms that are different from each other, but which really have the same pulse.
“Capoeira” and “Opanigê” also bring a very particular sound, that bind the listener already in the first hearing, as well as “Sunflower”, which presents a beautiful handwriting and Silvinha’s soft voice. A show!!
Of course, as in every good Rock album, there are at least two pauleiras that deserve to be heard in the maximum volume, “Círculo Vicioso” (also in wonderful lyrics, exposing our mistakes over the years) and “O Tempo Que Esse Time Has Coffee Mugs ”. The latter inclusive, it is a thing of another world. As the name itself suggests, it has an absurd time, which leaves the listener perplexed, with the feeling of “can not be”. Just listening to draw your own conclusions. What’s more, it still shows the brand of Dominguinhos in the chorus.
Genius Guilherme Lamounier is also present as the author of three songs.
In a nutshell, there is no way to enjoy Rock and go blank for Sou Filho Desse Ground. It is a magic disc, with the purest and naive Brazilian music, sung with mastery by the eternal couple Eduardo Araújo and Silvinha and the more than significant presence of Dominguinhos.
Enjoy this work, the feeling of well-being is guaranteed !! …….By Fabiano Oliveira……………..

A1 Sou Filho Deste Chão
A2 Círculo Vicioso
A3 Girassol
A4 Capoeira
A5 O Tempo Que Esse Tempo Tem
B1 Manda Embora A Tristeza
B2 Misturando Rock Com Baião
B3 Ter O Que Eu Tenho Sem Você
B4 Capoeira
B5 Opanigê 

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