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6 May 2017

Finnegan & Wood "Crazed Hipsters" 1972 US Psych Blues Rock

Finnegan & Wood  "Crazed Hipsters" 1972  US  Psych Blues Rock 

This is an amazing album - a sort of cross between rock, rhythm & blues, pure blues, and a few more influences. From a musical perspective, Mike Finnigan is fantastic behind the B3, and his vocals on the cover of Son House's Death Letter Blues are just outstanding. He played with Hendrix on Electric Ladyland, and later toured with various iterations of CSNY. Jerry Wood plays a blistering guitar solo on the Dylan cover, Down In The Flood, and it is a shame he passed away before he could find his due. One of my all-time favorites, I've been playing this since it came out back in the early 1970s, and had the pleasure of seeing them live back then. Highly .......

Finnigan and Wood's Crazed Hipsters is one of the best records to come out of the early 70s. It's a damn shame this has not been issued on CD. Known as a cult classic, the covers of everything from Dylan to Son House show a depth far beyond the capability of most artists over the decades. A collection of high speed boogies, solid blues, great choices of lyrics, and very creative covers of a whole bunch of great songs. This is a must-hear for anyone serious about knowing the history of

Despite the fact that I like this record a lot, I notice my rating is among the lowest in the rating list. Don't let this fool you; it's a good album! But apparently, many others like it way more than I. To me, a number of tracks on this LP have a distinct soul-rock flavor, at times even mildly reminiscent of Sly & Family Stone, what with the horns and everything. Some other cuts are good boogie blues. Not exactly the type of record one might expect from the two hayseeds on the cover. Though it's getting scarce, this does turn up on ebay fairly regularly, and I highly recommend grabbing a copy if you can. These crazed hipsters really did their hometown of Lawrence, KS. proud! ..........

First off, you can only get this on vinyl, and I've had it a number of years, listened again today, and have time to write a review. This is a mixed bag of rock, blues, psyche rock, a very good album. Mike Finnigan is a seasoned keyboard player, with a good voice, and Jerry Wood a guitarist not very well known, but real good, some great guitar and keyboards on this album, as one would expect, and they get lots of help from a funky horn section, a Van Morrison like or Muscle Shoals like horn section, and just the right mix of backing vocals, which play a major part, making this album more than just another one in the big pile of music available. 72' was a great year for music, shame Crazed Hipsters is not on CD for people to pick up, its probably real hard to find on vinyl, its a lost classic. The duo and band sound like they are imitating Crosby, Sills & Nash on 'Laughing Eyes'. There's some real nice piano blues on 'Hard Times', with a brooding organ, and a gospel like choir 3/4 way through to steer the track home. 'Lady Lady' is a jumping blues number Down Child Blues Band would do, it rocks. 'Death Letter' shines, despite is gloomy subject matter, its down and dirty, a very memorable track. And theres a gritty rendition of Dylan's 'Down in the Flood' to close out the album, with Wilson Pickett like singing and high powered searing guitar from Jerry Wood. If you ever see this one, snap it up ...........

Great Album! Unfortunately this CD was mastered from a vinyl record, rather than a studio quality master tape. The audible vinyl characteristics, while minimal (surface noise with a few mild clicks and pops throughout), was not what I was expecting from a CD at collector prices. This is a nifty obscurity from the early 70s rooted in hippie folk and blues rock. The Finnigan & Wood version of the Son House classic "Death Letter" may be the finest recorded by a rock artist (White Stripes included). Other highlights include "Tend To Your Own Business", and a cover of Bob Dylan's "Down In The Flood". The CD is essentially the Crazed Hipsters album that was originally issued on the Blue Thump Records in 1972, but the original running order of the songs has been shuffled. All in all, I'm happy to have a digital copy, but I could have made my own copy of equal or better quality from my own record.

If you enjoy Finnigan & Wood, you will also like the Jerry Hahn Brotherhood record (originally released on Columbia Records in 1970), as well as "Early Bird Cafe" by The Serfs (Capitol Records 1968). Both feature Mike Finnigan...By DJ MR Smith..............

A much-respected figure within San Francisco's music community, pianist/organist Finnegan first attracted attention in the mid-60s leading Mike Finnegan And The Surfs. By the end of the decade he was a pivotal member of the Serfs, a jazz-influenced rock act responsible for Early Bird Cafe. In 1970 Finnegan teamed with former Gary Burton guitarist Jerry Hahn in Jerry Hahn's Brotherhood, but the group's sole, self-titled album failed properly to illustrate their talents. Finnegan then joined Nu Boogaloo Express, a group featuring former members of Big Brother And The Holding Company. When the latter act was re-formed in 1971, Finnegan joined the line-up on a part-time basis. He appears on their album, Be A Brother. The pianist also began his solo career that year. Mike Finnegan And Friends was completed with the help of Muscle Shoals studio musicians David Hood, Barry Beckett and Roger Hawkins. Three accomplished albums followed in the next seven years. In 1972 he recorded Crazed Hipsters with guitarist Jerry Wood and in 1978 formed Dudek, Finnegan And Krueger with Les Dudek (formerly with Boz Scaggs and Steve Miller). They completed Sweet Salvation and The DFK Band, before Dudek and Finnegan formed Black Rose, a soft-rock ensemble fronted by Cher. Finnegan resumed solo work when this act split up, but failed to recapture the profile he enjoyed during the 70s. He has worked with members of Crosby, Stills And Nash for many years and co-sang the Stephen Stills AOR hit "Can't Let Go in 1984. He continues to be sought after for session work, although he has an exceptional voice that is underused................

Michael Finnigan — keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Jerry Wood — guitar, vocals
David Gates — bass
Don «Squeek» Cleary — drums
Ray Loeckle — tenor saxophone
Ray «Bags» Bagby — drums (09)

A1 Rock And Roll Show
A2 Highway
A3 Laughing Eyes
A4 Tend To Your Own Business
A5 Hard Times
B1 Lady Lady
B2 Death Letter
B3 My, My, My
B4 Don't Cry No More
B5 Down In The Flood

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