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20 May 2017

Galactus “Cosmic Force Field ” 1976 US Private Hard Rock

Galactus “Cosmic Force Field ” 1976 US rare Private Hard Rock

This band is most notable for containing Bob Hocko, formerly of The Swamp Rats. This album is entirely covers, and actually surprisingly decent, and consistently so. It is fairly commercial sounding hard-edged rock, with a typical-for-it's-vintage sound..............

Bob Hoko, Jim Wilson, John Puckett - in this line-up this record was recorded. I must say that Hoko is known for his garage group "Bob Hocko & The Swamp Rats". They played mostly covers on famous songs. After the disintegration, Hoko shook himself up on different teams and decided to reassemble the team again. He invited bassist and vocalist Jim Wilson, who managed to record on the records of such bands as "Creme Soda" and "Carousel" (in 2013 he participated in the recording of the reunion). John Puckett stood behind the microphone. After recording and releasing this album on January 1, 1976, the tracks of the musicians dispersed and now the record is in rarities (the average price of vinyl is about $ 100). "Cosmic Force Field" was released on Airship Records................

A1 Live With Me
A2 Do Ya
A3 You Can't Win
A4 Blind Eye
A5 Catch You On The Rebopp
B1 You Could Have Been A Lady
B2 Under My Thumb
B3 If I Needed Someone
B4 How We Were Before
B5 Stealin

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