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1 May 2017

Gordon Grey “Grey Matter"1982 US Private Prog Country Rock

Gordon Grey “Grey Matter"1982 US Private Prog Country Rock 
A little-known record of an equally little-known multi-instrumentalist from the glorious city of New York. The recording was made in his own studio, you see, not a poor boy ("Gray Matter”), hence the name of the first and only album, originally released on vinyl privately and in a miserable print run. Later and relatively recently the release was reissued on CD. The recording was attended by several invited friends-musicians, but mostly Gordon created everything himself. And although the material contains all the characteristics inherent in private records, guitar, vocals and harmony are very good. You can even say that at times very good……………. 
A1 You Gotta Watch Out 4:05 
A2 It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way 3:10 
A3 Now That She’s Gone 3:45 
A4 Remember Those Years 6:00 
B1 One Life To Live 4:05 
B2 Northern Breeze 5:55 
B3 It’s Just For You 3:37 
B4 A Time For Love 5:00 

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