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22 May 2017

Impacto Cinco “Lágrimas Azuis” 1975 Brazil Psych Rock

Impacto Cinco “Lágrimas Azuis” 1975 Brazil Psych Rock
The Brazilian band Impacto V was a group called Jovem Jovem Guarda, of Rock Baile. It was formed in the 1960s by the former seminarian of the city of Natal / RN, Etelvino Caldas (keyboards), Jenilson (vocals), Prentice (guitar), Joca (guitar), Idalmar (bass), Clauton and Ivan (drums). The second line-up of 1975, which recorded the second album "Lágrimas Azuis", featured Lulinha (vocals), Etel (keyboards) and Poty Lucena (bass). Although little known, the band draws attention to the quality of the interpretations.

The quintet soon gained fame and success among the young potiguares, as a dance band, always playing in Sunday matinees at ABC Futebol Clube, with performances that lasted about five hours.

This experience of shows and more the previous album, released in 1973, entitled "Impact V" (posted on LaPlayaMusic Blog, 03/03/2012), provided the band with the condition to record the second album, called "Blue Tears" Being released in 1975. The album was produced by Gileno Azevedo, who was best known for Leno, of the duo "Leno & Lilian", which was successful in Jovem Guarda. By the way, Leno was also a singer and had already produced the first album. The album was recorded at CBS studios, taking about a week. At the time, this time of delay was considered little time. This only demonstrated the safety and competence of the group, due to the time they played together.

The band was considered the front of their time, owing nothing to others of greater expression in the musical scene. This can be confirmed now, after listening to the material and comparing with the other groups of the time. Unfortunately, for those injustices of fate, the album had a very weak spread and even the front bands for radio calls, such as the songs Hands of Silk, Iron Heart, Remembrance, A Good Place, and Blue Tears itself Opportunity. This discouraged the group, which returned to its origins, to follow in the career as a dance band and to be underestimated by some unsuspecting, of its musical wealth.

Undoubtedly, in my opinion, the instrumental song Blue Tears is the best of the album, in addition to Lembranças, a song composed by Raul Seixas and C. H. Gonçalves. But not just these two songs. The whole record is very good. So much that is much coveted among collectors and sites specialized in national and international auctions, arriving at costs more than 130 euros.

Of the eleven compositions that make up the album, only five are from the group itself. They stand out for the other six songs, compositions of Leno and Raul Seixas and a re-reading of the song Saturday, by Frederiko, former guitarist of the band "Som Imaginário", that also appeared in the first disc, of 1973.

Another point that calls attention is the cover, which brings its members to the front, having four members smoking, behavior that today would not be politically correct, but at the time the smoky image, remember covers of international groups of the 1970s, such as Grand Funk Railroad, Deep Purple and even Credence Clearwater Revival....................

In the 60's, after listening to a Beatles record, Etelvino Caldas decided to drop everything to set up a band. Detail that everything for him was his life as a seminarian and his ecclesiastical functions in Natal (RN). No word is on which Liverpool boys' album he heard that made him change so much, but sure enough, no matter what it was, he made the whole wave sweeping the world at the time go like a hurricane in an absurd voracity through his head . He took control of instruments such as electric piano, synthesizer, organ, as well as making vocals. He joined Lulinha (vocals), Joca Costa (guitar), Clauton (drums, percussion and vocals) and Poty Lucena (bass and vocals) to form Impacto Cinco, a group that can be considered one of the pioneers of rock in Rio Grande do Sul North.
Soon the quintet gained fame and success among the young potiguares as a dance band, always playing in Sunday matinees at the headquarters of ABC Futebol Clube, with performances that lasted about five hours. It was those long shows, the road years, and the experience gained on the previous album - Impact V, released in 1973 - that made the band safe enough to record the next album. Blue Tears was recorded in 1975, produced by the also potiguar, but settled in Rio de Janeiro, Gileno Azevedo. Better known as Leno, from the duo Leno & Lilian. Leno was then the producer of CBS Records and knew the ability of Impacto Cinco well, since he had produced their first record. So he took them to the CBS studios where they recorded the disc in about a week. At the time it was considered little time, but the competence and safety of years playing together allowed that to be possible.
During that time CBS had in its cast famous national artists like Roberto Carlos and international like Aerosmith. And she was willing to bet a chip in the Potiguar group. According to Etelvino, in an interview with journalist Rodrigo Hammer of the magazine Brouhaha, published in its issue number three, Impacto Cinco was "Something far ahead for the time". Analyzing in the present day what was produced at the time, one can conclude that the band was really in a very interesting position. Above many things that had been produced and that owed nothing to others of greater expression in the national scene. But they were not the only ones who were ahead of the time, so much that the disc had a weak divulgation, as well as its sales was low, causing that the group returned to its native land to give segment to race like band of dance and Come to be underestimated by some unaware of the musical wealth contained in the Blue Tears
Even without having achieved success at the time, the Blue Tears is a very coveted album among collectors, dispuadíssimo in specialized websites and international auctions, even costing more than 100 euros in websites gringos. Of the eleven tracks that make up the record, only five are compositions from Impacto Cinco ("Escape," "Living Sad", "Blue Tears", "A Good Place" and "A Lot of Sound"). Three more songs by Leno, in collaboration with Raul Seixas ("Everything Will Change (tomorrow)", "Carmen, Carmem" and "Sitting in the Rainbow" will be completed. A cover of "Sabado", by Frederyko, former guitarist of the band Som Imaginário, that also appeared in the first disc of Impact Five; "Souvenirs", composed by Raulzinho and C.H. Gonçalves; And the exceptional "Hands of Silk, Iron Heart", which opens the disc, composed by Piauí Piska and that inserts quickly in the auditory system, where it creates life and stays there, playing for a long time. Although composed of different people, the songs of "Blue Tears" seem to have come from the same origin, so much that one does not perceive differences between compositions of Leno and Raul Seixas with one of Impacto Five or the other collaborators. The level is the same at work, this even shows the quality that Impact Five's work had.
Finally, the cover of the album brings the members of the band in front, and almost all smoking, throwing a lot of smoke in the image, remembering some covers of bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dry and Wet and Grand Funk Railroad, for example. Thing that had been trend in the covers of discs of bands that were in success in the seventies. Impacto Cinco......................

Leaving Pernambuco, we go to Rio Grande do Norte. This is where Impacto Cinco comes from, one of the pioneers and greatest representative of the Rock of Potiguar. The group appeared in the 60s, created by Etelvino Caldas, a former seminarian who decided to leave the Church after listening to a Beatles record. Impacto Cinco was a band that played in the Sunday matines at ABC Esporte Clube de Natal. It soon became a success, being the band of greater prominence among the university youth of the time. The professionalism and musical quality of the band took them to São Paulo, through Gileno Azevedo, the Leno of the duo Lilian & Leno. Gileno, also from Rio Grande do Norte, was then a music producer on CBS. He knew the guys' work well and decided to produce them. He released a first album in 1973. Two years later came this lp, "Lágrimas Azuis", a work considered by many well ahead of his time. Personally, I do not see much of it, but there's no denying the quality, well above average. They made a competent sound, at the level of the best Brazilian rock bands. In this album of eleven tracks, besides own songs there are also compositions by Leno, Piska and Raul Seixas. The highlight goes to "Saturday", music previously released by Imaginary Sound.
"Lágrimas Azuis" is today one of the rarest albums, played in tapas and lots of money by collectors. I happen to have this lp repeated, if anyone is interested, it's on hand for only 250 reais..............

A1 Mãos De Seda, Coração De Ferro
A2 (Tudo Vai Mudar) Amanhã
A3 Fuga
A4 Carmem, Carmem
A5 Viver Triste
A6 Lembranças
B1 Lágrimas Azuis
B2 Sábado
B3 Um Bom Lugar
B4 Sentado No Arco-Iris
B5 Muito Tempo De Som

1973 - Impacto V
1975 - Lágrimas Azuis
1983 - Rio Potengi

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