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4 May 2017

Itziar "Itziar"1979 Basque Prog Folk Xoxoa Label

Itziar  "Itziar"  1979 ultra rare Basque Prog Folk Xoxoa Label

ITZIAR are a 6-member folk-prog band named after Itziar Egileor, a Basque female singer with a beautiful, crystalline voice reminiscent of Sandy Denny's. The band's only album displays the sensitive songwriting of Dutch folk band NIGHTWATCH and are quite similar in style and atmosphere to both HAIZEA and ITOIZ; in fact, if you switch the latter band's male vocalist for a female, you'll get an idea of what ITZIAR sound like. All lyrics are sung in Basque.

Thanks to Lost Vinyl, a rare Spanish label specializing in re-releasing old forgotten treasures, we can now sample their eponymous album, originally released by Elkar in 1979. It is a very fragile and intimate piece of folk prog that essentially highlights Itziar's delicate voice; it features lots of acoustic guitar (surprisingly no Flamenco elements whatsoever), solid bass lines and powerful drumming, spacey flute, a few subtle touches of Mellotron, some slide guitar as well as mad, fuzzy guitar licks and early 70's British-style jazzy sax parts. An altogether very delicate and laid-back folk-psych album...Prog archives...

Another entry in the long list of Basque Folk-based bands, this group was formed around female singer Itziar Egileor and apparently was named after her.They had a six-piece line-up with Alex Zabala on guitar, Eduardo Bazterra on bass, Mikel Prieto on guitar/synthesizer, Joseba Erkiaga on flute/saxophone and Javi Robador on drums, while specific members offered background vocals as well.Their only self-titled album comes from 1978, released on the neverending supporter of Basque bands, the Xoxoa label.
Itziar seem to walk on the thin line between pure Folk groups of the area and the more progressive acts like ITOIZ, performing music strongly surrounded by the local tradition but having also some of the complexity of Progressive Rock.The basic components here are Itziar's angelic vocals, the mellow acoustic guitars changing colors with the soft electric moves, the ethereal Psych/Folk orientations and the discreet presence of flutes and saxes.A few tracks appear to follow a more conventional Psych/Folk sound, always led by the crystalline singing of Itziar and a decent acoustic background with guitars and flute in evidence.But most of the pieces contain light electric moves, smooth interplays between guitar and flute and a pair of them sound a bit richer due to the use of keyboards.Even if the instrumental parts are rather limited, the album holds enough interest till the end, offering some nice melodic soundscapes, an attractive, archaic enviroment and some great vocal harmonies.Needless to mention the longer tracks are also the more suitable to the tastes of a Prog Rock fan with the omnipresent, delicate flutes, the electroacoustic moves and the light symphonic vibes thrown in.

Apparently the band was short-lived with Javi Robador joining Enbor the same year, while Joseba Erkiaga was already a stable member of Itoiz.Itziar Egileor also contributed vocals in Itoiz'es second album ''Ezekiel''.

Cool and relaxing Basque Prog Folk with some light psych, symphonic and even jazzy underlines.Beautiful melodies, fine female vocals but less energy compared to other local bands.Recommended... by apps79 ................

Sole album from yet another Basque progressive folk group, this one being named after their female lead singer. This sextet presented a duo of guitarist, a flutist and singer Itziar Egileor and managed to sound like The Trees mixed with some of Tull's folkier elements, but a good dose of jazz influences as well. The album came in a superb pastoral and nocturnal gatefold artwork, and on the inside a no-less pastoral drawing of the band and maybe a wink to Genesis' W&W album and was released on the Xoxoa label, and reissued on the inevitable Elkar label in the mid-90's.

Made of nine relatively short but intimate tracks (all under 6 minutes) that are clearly modern folk (allowing itself to search freedom in jazz), where Itziar stay mainly in acoustic mode (but not hesitating to foray in electric realm), with a superb flute (bring in a slight symphonic touch as well), female vocals (often doubled by the bassist), their sole album is a small gem of the Basque culture. If Itziar sound very Fairport-ey (as in English-type of Folk rock, there is the odd Latin influence percolating through the wax of the record: the odd slight Fado, Tarantella and even a touch of Iberian (note to E.T.A., I said Iberian, not Spanish ;-) and of course their Basque touch. As the group starts out with their two longest tracks, they announce the full spectrum of their adventures. Most of the other tracks are more singled-focused (either bordering on jazz, psych rock, semi-medieval (the odd harpsichord bit) or even almost hard rock, while remaining true to their gentle (but not corny or cheesy) folk. Truly a great album to get laid by, and I doubt your girlfriend would say otherwise. There is even a not-too-painful accordion in one track. Too short a record, though!!

One of the things I would've done is to place the first two (longer) tracks at the end of the album or at least one on each side of the vinyl. Because here, they seem to spend all of their trump cards a bit too early, but luckily their hand is close to a full house or a royal flush. One of the best Basque gems around with really only Haizea's second or Sean Trane ..................

The one and only album from this band from the Basque region in Spain.

Itziar is the forename of the female vocalist here, Itziar Egileor. She is joined by five other musicians here on this thirty-five minutes long album. The lineup is flutes, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, saxophone, keyboards and female vocals.

This album is carried by Itziar Egileor's vocals and is a vehicle for her voice. The band is nominally a folk music band. One of the very many folk music/rock bands from the Basque region. Itziar comes with a big difference though. They have combined folk music with vocal based laid back jazz. Almost lounge jazz. Well, it is vocal lounge jazz. The combination of folk music and jazz is pretty interesting and commercial. This combination also throws up some rather fierce folk rock songs and guitars on a regular basis on this album.

Interesting, but not particular good. There is no real good songs here and the album is carried by Itziar Egileor's rather superb vocals. This is a decent album which has not won me over........................

The only album of progressive folk groups from the Basque Country, is named in honor of the singer. The sound is similar to The Trees, with elements from Tull's, foul with a good dose of jazz sound. The album was well-decorated with an insert on the inside-drawn Xoxoa label, and re-released in the Elkar label in the mid 90s.
It consists of nine relatively short, but intimate compositions, contemporary folk (the search for jazz), with excellent acoustics flute (with symphonic touch), the only album - a small gem of the Basque culture..................

Like other Basque bands, they publish an album in the last years of the decade of the 70, they resort to acoustic guitars and flute, they sing in Basque, giving more or less protagonism to the female voices and the graphic of the covers is obscure, according to the Melancholy of music. What is the contribution of this grouping in this context? First and foremost the beautiful and expressive voice of Itziar Egileor, almost perfect for those folk ballads with pleasant melodies that characterize the band, but that does not disappoint in the strongest subjects and the few jazzy passages. And is beautifully complemented by the male voices. The work of guitars without being surprising is adjusted and careful, almost always acoustic, although in rare cases it is the electric guitar that breaks the rather parsimonious climate of the album. Apparently they have another album called "Morenica y Galana"................

Itziar Egileor: Ahotsa
Javi Robador: Bateria
Alex Zabala: Gitarra Akustikoa, Gitarra Elektrikoa, Ahotsa
Eduardo Basterra: Baxua, Gitarra Elektrikoa, Ahotsa
Mikel Prieto: Gitarra Klasikoa, Gitarra Elektrikoa, Gitarra Akustikoa, Teklatuak
Joseba Erkiaga: Flauta, Saxofoia

tziar Egileor / vocals
Javi Robador / drums
Alex Zabala / acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
Eduardo Bazterra / bass, electric guitar, vocals
Mikel Prieto / classical guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards
Joseba Erkiaga / flute, saxophone

A1 Ameskoi 5:50
A2 Espetxeratuarena 5:50
A3 Manifestu Atzeratua 2:50
A4 Harri Eta Herri 3:20
B1 Gauaren Iratsoa 3:00
B2 Mendigoixalearena 4:45
B3 Haizearen Gogoa 5:30
B4 Beartsu Fameliak? 2:40
B5 Agur Mikel 2:22 

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