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10 May 2017

Le 25ième Regiment “Le 25ième Regiment” 1969 + 25e Regiment ‎ “Ecology” 1970 Canada Psych Pop Rock

Le 25ième Regiment “Le 25ième Regiment” 1969 + 25e Regiment ‎ “Ecology” 1970 Canada Psych Pop Rock
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Call me strange, but for some reason I've become fascinated with 1960s era French Canadian rock bands. Not sure why - perhaps because I have some French heritage in my veins, or maybe it has something to do with the odd notion of groups of wild French-Canadian teenagers hoping to become huge rock stars ... Whatever the philosophical underpinnings, musically many of these outfits wre quite impressive. These guys - less so ... 

Le 25ieme Regiment (aka The 25th Regiment) is one of the more mysterious French-Canadian outfits I've run into. So far I haven't found much bibliographical information on the quartet. Apparently from St. Jerome, Qubec, the band came together in 1967. Originally known as Les Révoltés they opted for a name change after discovering another band was using the name. As Le 25iieme Regiment the band showcased a line up consisting of twin drummers Michel Desjardins and Jean-Louis Leclerc, rhythm guitarist Yves Ladouceur, lead guitarist Guy Limoges, bassist Robert Métayer, and singer/keyboardist Réjean Ruel. Within a year guitarist Ladouceur had been replaced by Réal Latendresse and the band had paired down to a five piece with the departure of drummer Leclerc. By the time the band was signed by the small Apex label Limoges had been replaced by former Astérix guitarist Karol Dicaire. 
Though better known for it's roster of MOR acts such as Denise Brousseau and Pierre Lalonde, 1968 saw the slightly larger Lero label sign the band. Released in 1969, the cleverly-titled "Le 25ieme Regiment" served to compile their earlier singles ("A" and "B" sides), along with a couple new studio selections. Musically the set was a mixed bag. Featuring all cover material, tracks such as 'Un Petit Bonhomme Avec Le Nez Pointu', 'Roulez-Roulez' and 'Mammy' were simply too MOR pop for true rock fans. On the other hand, 'Lucie Sons in Ciel de Diamantes' (aka 'Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds'), found the band turning in one of the odder Beatles covers I've heard. Their 'Hey Jude' cover was a little more mainstream, but just as odd with the French lyrics. These guys certainly had talent. Ruel had a nice voice and while he wasn't given much room to show his stuff, Dicaire clearly had some chops. The overarching problem was their focus was clearly on commercial success with the end resulting being a set with about as much soul as a chewing gum commercial. ...Bad Cat...........

Le 25ième Regiment "Le 25ième Regiment" 1969

A1 Un Petit Bonhomme Avec Le Nez Pointu 1:43
A2 C'est Bon Signe (Bottle Of Wine) 2:10
A3 Roulez-Roulez (Helule-Helule) 2:33
A4 Lucie Sous Un Ciel De Diamants (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds) 3:07
A5 C'est Le Temps D'aimer 2:45
B1 Mammy 2:19
B2 Les Fraise Et Les Framboise Ou ... Les Fraises À Bicyclette 2:44
B3 He Jude (Hey Jude) 3:48
B4 Respectachim 2:00
B5 Chin Chin 2:16

 25e Regiment ‎ "Ecology" 1970

I Do Remember 2:52
Forever 2:32
Ecology 2:35
Free 2:55
People 2:07
Too Late 2:02
All You Need 1:55
Make Up Your Mind 1:50
I Don't Know Where You're Going 2:46
You See 1:31

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