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21 May 2017

Les Frères Mégri ‎ “Mahmoud, Hassan Et Younès” 1974 Morrocco Pop Rock

Les Frères Mégri ‎ “Mahmoud, Hassan Et Younès” 1974 Morrocco  Pop Rock
Reissue of Frères Mégri brotherhood's first album -actually a compilation of their first recordings from 1971-73- produced in France by Eric Demarsan and Jacques Hendrix. A special Arabic Pop LP with psychedelic influence and French touch accents, including their hit 'Leili Twil'. .......

Les Frères Mégri was a Moroccan rock band formed in Oujda, Morocco. The band consisted of four members, the three brothers, Hassan, Mahmoud and Younès Mégri, and their sister Jalila Mégri. Before the creation of the band, the four Megri brothers were popular session musicians, composers and producers from Morocco.
The group was created by Hassan Megri, author, composer, singer, painter and passionate
researcher of Persian calligraphy.
Hassan Megri حسن مجرې
In 1957, Hassan, along with his brother Mahmoud, records for Moroccan radio the song "Min Youm Habitek " . The duo began a concert tour, playing in the main cities of Morocco.

The next few years will be dedicated to creating a musical style more personal. Sources of inspiration will be the musical tours and research trips through the Arab countries, the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor and India.

In the early seventies, after they signed a recording contract with Philips Records of France, Hassan and Mahmoud released four singles as Les Frères Mégri. "El Harib/Heya Essamra", "Galouli Ensaha/Kellemtini", "Sebar / Ououd Ou Chouk" in 1971 and "Sabar / Chaaltiha Nar" in 1972..................

A reissue of Les Frères Mégri's Mahmoud, Hassan Et Younes, originally released in 1974. Les Frères Mégri was a Moroccan rock band formed in Oujda, Morocco in the late 1960s. The band consisted of four members: the three brothers, Hassan, Mahmoud, and Younès, and their sister Jalila Mégri. Before the creation of the band, the Megri brothers were popular session musicians, composers, and producers in Morocco, starting in the late '50s. In the early '70s, Hassan and Mahmoud released four singles as Les Frères Mégri: El Harib/Heya Essamra, Galouli Ensaha/Kellemtini, Sebar/Ououd Ou Chouk in 1971 and Sabar/Chaaltiha Nar in 1972. This LP, their second album simply titled Younes Hassan Mahmoud and a collaboration between all three brothers, was released in 1974. They re-recorded some of the singles tracks with Younes and the result is one of the finest examples of the early '70s progressive, psych, folk sounds coming from North Africa and beyond. This is an album that stands as a high point for the genre globally. A baroque folk approach that demonstrates utterly mesmerizing results, psychedelic, electric guitars, sitars, bongos, swirling multi-tracked vocals that sound like prime era Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Trees, and the first two Pink Floyd albums -- It is of that pedigree. A holy grail LP that has been near impossible to locate for over 40 years. Beautifully remastered, it's presented here in its first ever reissue. Edition of 500..........................

From 1960 to Morocco, a new breath was created by Hassan Megri, creator of the group Megri, composed of "Hassan, Mahmoud, Younes and Jalila".
A man with multiple artistic talents, Hassan Megri is at the same time author, composer, interpreter, painter and assiduous researcher in Persian iconographic calligraphy.
Indeed, his travels for the promotion and flourishing of the MEGRI Musical Movement through the radios of the Arab countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq) and later in Europe, Deeply into the professional career of this artist who pushed his odyssey in Asia Minor via India (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Katmandu), this time to discover other cultures and unsuspected civilizational musical forms, ranging from Sufism to Sacred, Traditional and Mystical Music.
However, the consecration of the "Mégri" at L'Olympia in Paris (1976), then the Golden Disk (PHILIPS) and the "Rabab d'Or" (2003) award given to the stars of the Arab world under sponsorship Of the International Music Council - UNESCO, among other honorary distinctions, are testimonies as to the artistic contribution of the Megri, Renovators and Leaders of the Arabic-speaking World Arabic Song................

A1 Chaâltiha Nar
A2 Ya M'raya
A3 Hey Di Dam Dam
A4 Heya Essamra
B1 Leili Twil
B2 El Harib
B3 Galouli Ensaha
B4 Sebar


1974: Younes et Mahmoud
1974: Younes Hassan Mahmoud
2004: Hassan & Jalila 

El Harib / Heya Essamra (Released date unknown)
Galouli Ensaha / Kellemtini (Released date unknown)
1971: Sebar / Ououd Ou Chouk
1972: Sabar / Chaaltiha Nar

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