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20 May 2017

Los Amigos De Maria “Rock” 1973 Chile Psych Blues Rock Recorded in 1968 and released in 1973

Los Amigos De Maria “Rock” 1973 Chile Psych Blues Rock Recorded in 1968 and released in 1973.
Los Amigos De Maria are enrolled in the pioneering history of rock made in Chile in a position near Aguaturbia, Tumulto and Debris. However, the lack of available records of his acclaimed work has helped to create around him something resembling a myth, in which his work with the American Dean Reed is a sure and surprising fact. The collaboration between the two was released on the single "Things I've Seen / We're the Revolutionaries", published under the label EMI-Odeón, in 1970, and shared credits between Dean Reed and Osvaldo Jeldres. The following year, the company returned to appear in the single "I feel that the history calls / You", two titles of Reed with dedication (the first one to its wife, the second, to Ernesto Che Guevara). It was a job in Chile, when the American (left-wing ideas, and popularly known as "the red Elvis") came to the country to get a closer look at the experience of Popular Unity............

Les Amigos De Maria They make their appearance in 1969 with the name of Los Diferentes, a dance band that publishes a pair of singles. Already with the name of Amigos de María, they accompany the actor and singer Dean Reed during their stay in Chile. Later they begin a winding road that takes them to hard rock, arriving to record its only LP in 1973. 
As demonstrated in this album, Amigos de María seems to be one of those groupings with potentialities that fail to insist on taking the wrong path. The album opens with its own theme, "Vuelve a Comenzar", sung in Spanish, well played, immersed in hard rock, with Zeppelin influences. When you wait to listen to a band that continues to explore this terrain, there is the disappointment of a series of foreign bands, sung in English. Some of them are interesting versions like The Letter, but even many correspond to an incompressible election, even with themes that for 1973 seem outdated in the time. In no case they get excited again as in the opening. A shame. (There are versions that say the material is actually recorded in the late 60s, which would actually change things).......................

The group emerged under the name Los Diferentes singing in the style of melodic groups like Los Angeles Negros, being the first singles under this line, later they would record commercial rock singles of dubious invoice and would be the companion group of Dean Reed, who was An American left.
Finally in 1972 they released rock singles as a band or accompanied by "Juliano the Stranger", an Argentinian avencindado in Chile, where all the potential of the band arises. In 1973 they managed to edit their lp composed of covers, but that includes two own songs, and it is "Back to begin" which justifies all lp since this subject of Zeppelian influences of almost 10 minutes with all the strength of guitars and Rhythmic base makes it a classic of Chilean rock................

Vinyl reissue of a legendary Chilean underground psychedelic hard-rock LP, recorded in 1968 and released in 1973. The lead-off track, 'Vuelve A Comenzar', is a breathtaking, nearly 10-minute Zeppelin-esque ripper and the rest of the album is really cool too! Though they never recorded again and disappeared into obscurity soon after the release of this album, Los Amigos De Maria left one of the finest pieces of South-American rock, which now is reissued on vinyl for the first time in ages! .................

- Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Cantillana
Mariano Galvez
Fernando Espinoza
Luis Barahona
Oscar Segovia

1. Vuelve a Comenzar
2. La Carta
3. Guitarra
4. Que dije
5. Ruta 66
6. Sally la Larga
7. Quien parará la lluvia

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