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9 May 2017

Los Strwck "La Doctoriza" 1969 Psych Rock Mexicano

Los Strwck  "La Doctoriza" 1969 Psych  Rock Mexicano

The Strwck were formed in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico by 1966 with this band happened that varied from genres ranged from rock to cumbia and during the 70 romantic ballads. Originally this roll was published in his 1969 album "La Doctoriza" where cumbia mixed with rock and some fuzz, without leaving behind the Latin sounds; Of that album were copiladas some rolls in a disc that is titled "Los Zantos vs. Los Strwck: Mexican fuzz Monster" released by the Spanish label Tijuana Discos in 2011, and where Los Zantos (also known as Los Zantos con Z) rifan A powerful Fuzzy Psych with bases in the Garage Punk, on the other hand The Strwck are directed more to a Latin sound and cumbianchero. Both bands during the 70s, would fall sharply to make romantic shelves, very popular in the 1970s........................

Los Strwck is a Mexican musical group, founded in 1966. They originate from Guadalajara, Jalisco[1] Their biggest hits include the ballads "Él", "Dilo tú", "Quién" and "Recuerdo estudiantil". They mainly made rock and roll, ballad, and cumbia music................

The Strwck are Mexican. A band that appeared there in 1966. Unlike the rest, at least of what I know of Mexican rock; The Strwck fuse diverse styles that identifies them of pure strain. Of cumbia and much. They also distort. This record is very good. A singularity within the Latin movement. Because in terms of lyrics, rhythms and melodies I sound like The Golden Boys but suddenly they put in the punches or riffs the fuzz distortion and they go from cumbia to punk.
Well, I suppose it's good to take distance when the routine threatens. So maybe they'll see me for another time. Yes, because since there are two to two I give equally. Yes, well, as a loving and equitable parent I am. Then I'll bring some of R`n`R there too. I've been uploading it for a week now. Same as this record. Well, for now:..................

Elbert Moguel -lead vocals, guitar, composer
Domingo -bass guitar
Carlos "El Fender" -guitar
Adalberto -drums
Gustavo -keyboard
Indalecio Anaya -Guitar, vocals

A1 La Doctoriza
A2 Llora Tu Corazȯn
A3 Dulce Pequeňa
A4 Comunicame Tu Ritmo
A5 Mater Nostra
B1 W-A-Loo
B2 Rompiendo Corazones
B3 Dijiste No
B4 Primera Vez
B5 Nena Ven

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