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28 May 2017

Luiz Carlos Vinhas “O Som Psicodélico de L.C.V.” 1968 Brazil PsychJazz,Latin Bossanova,Tropicalia

Luiz Carlos Vinhas “O Som Psicodélico de L.C.V.” 1968 Brazil  PsychJazz Rock,Latin Bossanova,Tropicalia

I knew this record by accident. Looking for things to know about Bossa-Nova, I ended up falling in the works of Luiz Carlos Vinhas. More for bossa and for his group, Bossa Três. In his discography, I saw this record and I became interested. Wonder…

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1940, Vinhas went to music early when he was presented with a guitar by his father. In 1957 already was in the compositions of bossa nova carioca.

"He worked as a pianist at Beco das Garrafas, as well as participation in the albums of Elis Regina, Quarteto em Cy, Jorge Benjor, Maria Bethania, among others. He also formed one of the first musical ensembles of this period, Bossa Tres, which, in 1966, with Leny Andrade and Pery Ribeiro on vocals, was renamed Gemini V. "(Wikipedia)

The first record was in 1962 with Bossa Três and Lennie Dale, but his first solo album - so to speak - was in 1964, called New Structures. Officially, Vinhas has 19 albums, the latter being released in 2000 with the partnership of Bossa de Três and Wanda Sá. Vineyards died in August 2001 due to complications in the heart (smoker since forever).

Let's go to the disco ...

The disc is very rich in elements and experiments, mixing a lot of psicodelia and touch of Brazilian music, with songs caboclos, umbandistas and folkloric.

Opening with the instrumental "Amazonas", by Joao Donato, the album already promises a shock in the ears. Almost impossible to stand still (at this point, writing at least my feet are moving).

 Tanganyika and Ye-Mele (a beautiful song for Iemanjá) show how Vinhas is experimental and knows the Brazilian culture well in their songs. The second is a partnership with Chico Feitosa, a great partnership in several tracks of the album, as well as the following, Zizê Baiô (notice that the names refer very much to the indigenous culture).

Un jour Christine, by Bruno Ferreira is a more melancholic song. Beautiful voice melody and a very simple percussion in the background. As I always say. It has hours that the most sophisticated is in the most simplicity.

From the sixth track, Vinhas begins a series of fantastic re-recordings of songs around the world. Are they:

Song for my Father by Horace Silver, Chatanooga choo-choo by M. Gordon and H. Warren, Goodman, Sampson and Parish, Tribute to Martin Luther King (Ronaldo Boscoli and the great Wilson Simonal, Pourquoi de Caco Velho and Jadir Teixeira de Castro, Drag the sandal ofOswaldo Vasques and Aurelio Gomes, Morena, Golden Mouth of Ary Barroso, Rosa morena of the master Dorival Caymmi, Birthday morning of Yester and Carmel closing with Can not take my eyes off you of B. Crewe and B. Glaudio.

To close the record, The Dialogue, Vinhas and Chico Feitosa. A dialogue song very cool, crazy, that leave the ears half crazy........................BY PEDRO CINDIO......

After presenting the album "Os reis do ritmo" with Bossa 3, formed and directed by pianist Luiz Carlos Vinhas (1940-2001), the TM is grateful to offer to his friends, cultured, hidden and associated more work With the mark of this remarkable musician, and even considered his masterpiece: it is "The psychedelic sound of Luiz Carlos Vinhas", his second solo album (the first was "New structures" in 1964), very elaborate production of Hélcio Milito, then Tamba Trio drummer, for CBS, future Sony Music, and the most precious legacy of the "year that did not end", 1968. Having in his resume participations in albums of great names of the MPB, type Elis Regina, Quartet in Cy , Jorge Ben Jor and Maria Bethânia, Luiz Carlos Vinhas started in music early, when his father gave him a guitar as a gift, and in 1957 he was already in the compositions of bossa nova. He excels in this work, rich in elements and experiments, mixing psychedelia and touches of Brazilian music, with folk songs, caboclos and umbandistas. Opening the disc, the instrumental "Amazon", by João Donato, that impresses the listener just out of the way. Vinhas has always been experimental, and was well acquainted with Brazilian culture, which is reflected in the work of the author such as "Tanganica", "Zizê baiô" and "Ye-melê" (titles that refer to afro culture), the latter a beautiful corner for Iemanjá , At the same time also recorded by Elis Regina and later world success with Sérgio Mendes. Another highlight is "Um jour Christine" by Bruno Ferreira, a melancholy song with beautiful vocal melody and very simple percussion in the background. From the sixth track, Vinhas offers us fantastic re-recordings of national and international hits such as "Drag the sandal", "Chatanooga choo-choo", "Tribute to Martin Luther King", "Rosa morena", "Morena boca de otro" And "Can not take my eyes off you." All ending, and very well, with "O dialog", a partnership of Vinhas com Chico "End of Night" Feitosa, who also made "Ye-melê" and "Zizê baiô" together. In short, an exquisite work of high technical and artistic quality, which TM proudly offers us. Check it out ..............

Zizê Baiô
Un Jour Christine
Song For My Father
Chatanooga Choo-Choo
Don't Be That Way
Tributo A Martin Luther King
Arrasta A Sandália
Morena, Boca De Ouro
Rosa Morena
Birthday Morning
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
O Dialogo

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