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23 May 2017

Made In Brazil "Paulicéia Desvairada"1978 Brazil Pop Rock,Hard Rock

Made In Brazil  " Paulicéia Desvairada" 1978 Brazil Pop Rock,Hard Rock

The MADE rock from São Paulo explodes with the third album, "Paulicéia Desvairada", a tribute from the band to the city of São Paulo, "... that generated and feeds it, a teenage poem full of urban malice and the will to survive the" Way Of Life "false underdevelopment not assumed ...", as wrote on the back cover of the record the critic and friend Okky de Souza. Zeca Jagger, in addition to backing vocals, co-produced the album along with Oswaldo.

The release of "Paulicéia Desvairada" takes place in a space that rarely has been occupied by rock: the São Paulo Municipal Theater (in fact, it was the only opportunity in which true rock 'n' roll got space within this prestigious cultural space). It was a big party with sold out, lots of excitement inside and outside the Theater, because there were many people out because of lack of places.........

Genesis: more or less in 68, 69 and 70 groups of groups in Rio and São Paulo emerged. Freaky rockers like those who eat sandwiches at Bob's, spewing out a dirty sound, copying and stripping the Who's via Blue Cheer or playing Cream and Led Zeppelin on their Gianinis and Phelpas. Americans from the West Coast have labeled: psychedelic punk the goofy rock of the brats. In Brazil, the Freak Outs, Spider and New Breeds of Life was ... Made in Brazil, known as the group that played most of the Stones.

Originally Made in Brazil (Oswaldo, Celso and Cornelius) one of the bands that I followed more via cuts, only losing to Beatles and Mutantes. Without however, see them live. In São Paulo, on two occasions 1985 and 1992, did not coincide to roll, just a stroll on the Caribbean street ... I confess even though I do not know fully their first two classic albums. I know them from the Paulicéia Desvairada and the television. Long time ago, there was a time when there were national bands on the TV of Uncle Scrooge and I saw in a few seconds the Dudu Chermont playing alongside Made in Brazil.

Cultural exchange is fostered when a copy falls outside the range of state action and goes from hand to hand. The old rockers have always had their Made in Brazil albums at hand and stories. Most as a musician was inspired by the band. - The first Brazilian album to use the distortion!

The peak of the band happened in the biennium 1973-74 when they adapted the repertoire to the Portuguese and opened for the Mutants in the end of 73, playing for three thousand people in the Park of the Ibirapuera, in the open air. It rained torrentially, but no one left his foot. "Cláudio César Dias Baptista has connected a ground wire in a lake to avoid electric shocks," he told Bizz magazine. The presentation of Made lasted 3 hours, taking as climax the "Sympathy for the Devil" accompanied by the battery of the Samba School "Mocidade Alegre da Casa Verde".

The next year was the time and the turn of the band's first album. For Rollando Castello Júnior, this first record (of which he is the drummer) is the best of the band. And for him, Made in Brazil, that year was the best band of the country 1974, (song of the Third) and year of the tour of Miss Alice Cooper with opening of Our Something of Each Day.

The first record of Made in Brazil, also known as the banana record, was delayed and only came out at the end of 1974 due to vetoes of Federal Censorship. If still in high school, the mothers of São Paulo wanted to keep their children away from Made's staff, Mrs. Censura, when she heard the verse "I just want to suck on your ice cream", changed by imposition, for a milder, "I I just want to have an ice cream. "

1975. Ezequiel Neves's connection with Made In Brazil begins. The cycle closes. Cornelius, the singer; Leaves to go back 10 years later. Best show of the year (national rock category). Veja magazine.
The Made in crisis
First, the singer Cornelius fell ill and the set had to stop. Later, the guys thought he was being too vedete and painted the crisis. (...) Cornelius would return to rock, after marrying the daughter of an industrialist from São Paulo. But then entered the RCA, remembering that the group has a contract with her and that if any element falls outside, all others have to pay 50 000 cruzeiros of fine. (Pop Magazine, June / 1975).
Has ghost in Made
The new LP of the boys is full of inexplicable things, and every month suffer a further postponement of its release. (...) Celso burned his hand and remained untouched for a long time. The vocalist, Percy, walked aficionado and, finally, Tony of the solo guitar, went freaking and messed up the recording works. (Pop Magazine).

The 13 bases of Jack, the Ripper, the second LP of Made in Brazil were the result of 120 hours of studio and dues in RCA. Best disc of the year (national) Journal of Music - readers vote.

Cornelius & Grupo Santa Fe, on May 29, 1976, make their debut at the Canindé Festival - Sao Paulo, "the biggest or the longest show of all time".

Much before the war Kiss
In 1977, the ten - year anniversary of the band for two weeks Made in Brazil premiered the show "Massacre" in Theater Aquarius, in São Paulo (now Zaccaro). In the repertoire of the show the inclusion of new songs that would be part of the album also titled "Massacre" - the album was never released until today! The setting was all based on the show's title, with drummer Fenilli massacring the drums from the top of a war tank. "She also started to" chirp "Eloá in all the concerts, she went in and almost always ended up in a cane, she started dancing and when she did not take off her clothes, she took off her clothes, There's a lot of energy, so instead of dancing in the audience, we started calling her to dance on stage. ) Then Percy dated her. That year, Dudu Chermont joined the tour playing guitar and keyboards. They are elected the best set of the year by Pop Magazine.
Our best work was never recorded.
They were far away, the initial days and memories connected with Bob's, a place on Rua Augusta, where Gil, Caetano and Gal appeared to hear / see the new ones of the underground. Having overcome the misogynist phase, they embark on the country lyricism of Robert Johnson's blues. It accentuates a phase of glamor Tupiniquim inspired by the Glimmer Twins. Visual equipment and periodical advertising in Pop magazine. And professional musicians in the studio. Still in the second half of the 80's of last century, the band had already survived 50 formations, a classic thesis of "our best work has never been recorded" ...

Paulicéia Desvairada - 1978 and "My life is rock'n'roll" - August / September 1980. They would give a classic double album with the testimonies and chronicles about it. Of São Paulo, the industrial city that the group loves more and more and whose flag is used as scenery of the show of release of the LP "My life is the rock'n'roll". Percy Weiss, left the group after the recordings of "Paulicéia Desvairada", alleging the unnecessary exchange of elements. The vocalist, Caio Flávio, from Vila Mariana from São Paulo, left in late 1979 and Oswaldo Vecchione Jr. took over the solo vocals. "My life is rock'n'roll" is "the very portrait of resistance through the rock trench," according to Ezequiel Neves.

"Rebellion and nonconformity have always worked very strongly in us and in most of the young people who follow us and enjoy our sound, because it is not just to eat and skate that one lives one's life." Oswaldo Vecchione.
Perhaps for "My life is rock'n'roll" is a sum of achievements and defeats, Oswaldo Vecchione invites a distant Arnaldo Baptista to perform live, when they would perform together on December 26, 1981, at the Palmeiras Gymnasium, Arnold declined the invitation.

Made in Brazil has always been able to link its presentations to those of the new groups. If in the distant year of 1981, they played with Banda do Garbage, Gang 90. At the end of 1983, they joined the Space Patrol in two shows at Tuca in São Paulo. Two years later, Dudu Chermont would once again join Made in Brazil.
From the blues to the heavy - from the heavy to the blues
Made in Brazil has been active for 37 years. The band is Oswaldo Vecchione, the undisputed leader. Today the lineup of Made in Brazil is Oswaldo Vecchione on bass and vocals, his son Rick on drums (whose debut was in 1984 when he was 13!) And on guitar his uncle Celso Vecchione and backing vocals and percussion, Deborah Oak.

From 1985, RGE participated in the "Metal Rock" compilation, recorded the studio album "Deus salva e o rock alivia" (this is the only LP not released on CD), and recorded the live "Made Pirata - In 1992, on their own record label "Made in Brazil Records" they released another live double album "In Blues" (also called "In Blues"). Re-released on a single CD.) These albums marked the band's return to the Mississippi Delta repertoire and the opening of the label itself.

In July 1997, at the age of 30, they concluded "Sex, blues and rock'n'roll" - an album that took two years and almost 250 hours of studio and one in which to be released! Where they re-recorded Stir boy, version for the classic Mannish boy of Muddy Waters and special participations of Sérgio Dias, Charles Gavin, Luis Carlini and André Christovan. In the band Rock of Pompéia Made in Brazil reunited in the studio Tony Campello, Roger Moreira, Clemente, Kid Vinyl, Nasi and João Ricardo.

In 1999, the party was repeated when Made in Brazil recorded and released in two volumes the "Fire in the wood - acoustic", with participation of a stellar cast of the cream of São Paulo rock. The old Class of Pompeii: Sérgio Dias, Luís Carllini, Nenê, Manito, Wander Taffo, Bororó, Mozart Mello and the Vecchione brothers gathered to record an eponymous album and do some concerts.

As a short article, some names have been preserved for another opportunity, where we will read an account of the guitarist Babalú who was with Made on several roads. I myself have already lost the "In Blues" lending to promoters of satellite cities who once conspired to bring Made in Brazil to Brasilia. In the last attempt, when the band would participate in the birthday party of a city club, the musical columnist of the main newspaper, broke "with so much axé band, soon Made in Brazil!". This has cooled off from time to time. Commenting on this with Rodrigo Hid, he told me, "It's as if London snubbed a Rolling Stones presentation!" Say what? That the most absurd civilization of the planet inhabits the southern hemisphere? I prefer to listen:

"Everybody thinks that playing rock is soft / but I'm going to say that it's not soft." "No one who does not understand me says the earth is samba / and there's no place for us." ("A Band Made in Brazil" - Paulicéia Desvairada). .................
Oswaldo Vecchione - baixo e vocal
Naná - guitarra
Franklin Paolilo - bateria
Caio Flávio - vocal solo
Lúcia do Vale e Juju Nogueira- backing vocals

A1 Gasolina
A2 Amanhã É Um Novo Dia
A3 Eu Vou Estar Com Você
A4 Eu Não Sei Se Mudaria
A5 Você Me Machucou
A6 Paulicéia Desvairada
B1 Uma Banda Made In Brazil
B2 Chuva
B3 Finge Que Tropeça
B4 Massacre
B5 Não Estou Nem Ai...
B6 A Primeira Vez Que Você Me Deixou

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