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9 May 2017

Magyar “Uusiin Maisemiin” 1974 Finland Prog Pop Rock

Magyar “Uusiin Maisemiin” 1974 Finland Prog Pop Rock

This double LP is both a facsimile reissue of the super rare Love Records gatefold LP (1974) and a complete discography of this unique progressive psych pop band, as it features a 2nd LP with the two non-album singles in 45 RPM. Also included is an insert with lyrics and liner notes.......

Founded in 1969, it disintegrated in 1975.
The band came to record the album after winning the Young Force Association competition in the spring of 1970. The commercial success of Magyar did not bring the album. But despite the commercial failure Magyar is by no means a trivial group. Teenagers from Varkaus and the nearby area Joroisten were fond of why Hungary, studied the country and for the benefit of Hungary, the group and took the name Magyar The group performs songs of its own repertoire. The legacy of the band was 2 singles and this album. Their poet, Yucca Itkonen made a long career as a songwriter. In addition to the band, other musicians took part in the recording of the album. The album was reissued on CD in 2001.
A lively and melodic rock of the first half of the 70's. If you listen, then occasionally you can even hear the effects of prog-rock. Played and sung all ... well, as a local Finnish band of the first half of the 70's could do it, here without miracles...............

Bass – Taito Kettunen (tracks: 5 to 14)
Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone – Seppo Heikkonen
Drums – Kari Pietikäinen (tracks: 5 to 14)
Flute, Alto Saxophone – Markku Heikkonen
Guitar – Kari Huttunen
Lead Vocals – Harry Gunaropoulos
Lyrics By – Jukka Itkonen
Oboe – Jukka Heikkonen (tracks: 8, 10, 12, 13)
Organ – Teuvo Bovallon
Trombone – Petri Juutilainen (tracks: 8, 10, 12, 13)
Vocals – Jouko Niiranen

A1 Uusiin Maisemiin
A2 Häät Joen Rannalla
A3 Jaanalle
A4 Eksynyt Laiva
A5 Maailma Ei Ole Satukirja
B1 Asumalähiön Odysseus
B2 Tehtaan Takaa Tuulee
B3 Kuin Lintuja Sataisi Puihin
B4 Kaupungin Tarzan
B5 Vain Pieni Yölaulu

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