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27 May 2017

Marconi Notaro "No Sub Reino dos Metazoários Rozenblit"1973 featuring Lula Côrtes & Co Brazil Private Psych Acid Folk Experimental,Underground Freak

Marconi Notaro "No Sub Reino dos Metazoários Rozenblit"1973  featuring Lula Côrtes & Co- mega rare Brazil Private Psych Acid Folk Experimental,Underground Freak
With all of those who started shouting “private press only” after Shadow named an album after those American self-starters who took their recorded destiny into their own hands, consider this: as hard as it might have been to record, press and distribute your very own wax capsule in America in the early ’70s (and as rare, and good, many of them are), doing the same under Brasil’s military dictatorship was markedly more difficult. And releasing a psychedelic, fuzz and effects drenched opus with revolutionary musings disguised within double entendres? Next to impossible.

You’d want this one in your collection if it contained just one good track within its beautifully packaged gatefold cover. That this album screams perfection from start to finish just adds to its legendary status. The brainchild of poet Márconi Notaro, alongside his friends and compatriots Lula Cortes and Ze Ramalho (the men behind perhaps the most legendary of Brasil’s private-pressed albums, 1975’s awesome Paebiru), this album contains what can only be described as Brasilian ragas played with the Portuguese guitar and Lula’s own invention, the Tricordio; improvised passages so fluid you’d swear they were scored; psychedelic-funk jams about staying true to one’s origins; and, throughout, Notaro’s complex yet approachable poetry, sung by the poet himself.

The highlight of the album, if there is just one: Notaro’s improvised “Nao Tenho Imaginacao Pra Mudar De Mulher (I Don’t Have The Imagination to Change Wives),” a gorgeously melancholic piece that, when one sees it transcribed (gotta thank my lovely girlfriend for that), is nearly impossible to imagine as having flowed directly from the mind of one of the most underrated Brasilian poet/composers..................

To speak of Marconi Notaro is to relive the story of one of the greatest exponents of Brazilian Psychoanalysis.
The poet, musician, writer was undoubtedly a misunderstood genius at the time, but left his mark to posterity and despite having died in the 90s, have been getting more and more admirers of his work.
Fully involved with the good guys, that is, Ave Sangria, Zé Ramalho, Silvio Hansen, Robertinho from Recife and, especially, Lula Côrtes, Marconi always wanted to create something new for music, with totally anticomercial concepts. In fact, I believe that it was this essence that made him try harder and composed the pearls that would enter the classic work Marconi Notaro - In the Metazoan Sub Kingdom, released almost independently in 1973. Little is known about this album , Even because it is considered very rare for collectors. As a hidden gem of our music, In the Metazoan Sub Kingdom has its "cult" side and is idolized by those who know it or even by those who have had the privilege of hearing it at least once.
Even with Lula Côrtes' illustrious participation (starting with the cover, which is his art) and Zé Ramalho, this record and the music of Marconi Notaro have the same aesthetic as the classic Paêbiru. Just to get an idea of ​​the level we're talking about. There are sounds of natural elements (like flowing water and the wind beating), flutes, viola, bass, distorted guitars (played by Robertinho from Recife) all mixed up and evidenced at the right time. Without exaggeration, it is almost an opera Rock of Northeastern music. Great really !!
There is no way to hear the songs "Desmantelado" (the samba that opens the album), "Ah Vida Ávida" (beautiful instrumental song), "Fidelidade" (frevo Rock, in the best New Bahian style), "Maracatu" Anthropological ("Anthropological I and II") and "Made in PB" (visceral Rock) and not feel a sense of peace, comfort and extreme pleasure. In fact, unique sensation.
Of course, in the Metazoan Sub Kingdom it is not a disk to be heard and "digested" quickly. At first, there may even be a certain strangeness due to its high complexity. But as well as Paêbiru and Rosa de Sangue do Lula Côrtes, Wet of Suor do Alceu Valença or Mote and Glosa do Belchior, for example, it is a beautiful album, that can come to have the status of "the bible of Northeastern Psychedelism ".
Already Marconi Notaro ... simply a master !! With its sophisticated and setentistic poetry, it generated yet another of the pearls of Brazilian music, which is very rich by the way.
Listen to Marconi Notaro - In the Metazoan Sub Kingdom, satisfaction more than guaranteed......................

The LP "No Sub Reino dos Metazoários Rozenblit"   by Marconi Notaro, is one of the exponents of the psychedelic northeastern scene. Launched in 1973, it fits in the line of works such as the Lula Côrtes & Lailson albums - 'Paebirú' and 'Satwa', classics of national psychedelia. 

Ultra-psychedelic in some moments, the album opens with the samba "Desmantelado" (composed by Notari in 1968, "in the days of the Popular Theater of the Northeast), with the regional formed by Notari, Robertinho of Recife, Zé Ramalho and Lula, among others. The second track, 'Ah Vida Ávida', with 'Notaro throwing water in the Itamaracá cacimba', plus Lula in the popular 'zither' and Zé Ramalho in the viola indicate what is next, a mix of psychedelia with hallucinations of the simplest Popular music, such as the 'Fidelidade' frevo (... "I remain faithful to my origins, son of God, nephew of Satan" ...). 

The most radical album album moment is the fifth track, 'Made in PB', partnership of Notaro with Zé Ramalho, a classic rockacre, highlighting Robertinho's distorted guitar from Recife and echo effects. The songs 'Anthropological 1' and 'Anthropological 2', like most other songs, are studio improvisations, bringing together the musicians already mentioned, with great sound and poetic result. 
With the production of the personnel of the multimedia group of Lula Côrtes and his wife Kátia Mesel, the disc was recorded in the studio of the TV University of Recife and the record label Rozenblit, also in the capital of Pernambuco. The cover is a design by Lula Côrtes, as aesthetically stained as the sound that the rough cardboard packaged, with a photo of Marconi Notaro in the center, with his face torn between the front cover and the back cover. 

The album, unfortunately, as most of Rozenblit's catalog remains unpublished, awaiting a careful reprint official. The original LP is virtually impossible to find, but a great CDR copy is already circulating in the universe of collectors.................

A1 Desmantelado 1:40
A2 Ah Vida Avida 3:50
A3 Fidelidade 3:15
A4 Maracatú 0:50
A5 Made In PB 2:33
A6 Antropologica N°1 2:40
B1 Antropologica N°2 4:45
B2 Sinfonia Em Ré 5:40
B3 Nâo Tenho Imaginaçao Pra Mudar De Mulher 2:35
B4 Ode A Satwa 4:55 

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