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2 May 2017

Mark Tucker “ Batstew” US 1975 Private Psych Avant Garde Experimental

Mark Tucker “ Batstew” US 1975 Private Psych Avant Garde Experimental

Amongst connoisseurs of revelatory/off the map private press sides, the recordings of Mark Tucker have long provided a functional model of the genre at its most beautifully fucked. His debut album, Batstew, originally released on his own Tetrapod Spools label in 1975, is widely regarded as his masterpiece. The whole concept for this fantastically unlikely recording seems to have been birthed via the conflation of a bunch of Tucker's obsessions at the time, namely his car (which he referred to as "The Bat") and his "She", Eva Bataszew, an early girlfriend with whom Tucker had a relationship "riddled with paranormal phenomena". Batstew draws on a number of sonic strategies, all of which are satisfyingly bent. The core of the material is based around recordings of his car, a 1964 Cadillac - ticking over, revving up, its engine dying - that predate the orchestrated mechanics of David Jackman and Vagina Dentata Organ. These sections are cut up with beautiful songs, all executed with a level of unself-conscious exuberance that is extremely poignant. As a document of the singular experience of a star-crossed group of friends, lost somewhere in mid-century America and fully committed to the defiant arc of their own tongues, Batstew remains unparalleled. Highest possible recommendation. -David Keenan Volcanic Tongue....................

Well, this is pretty much unclassifiable. How can you rate something that's so personal AND messed up? I've heard my jandek, i've heard my daniel johnston, all these lonely outsider art brüt - types, but somehow Mark Tucker's self expression reaches a plateau of disturbance quite unlike any other, and becomes a sort of documentary more than music to enjoy.

Here is a guy talking to his car for minutes, random tape collage noise lasting for 15 minutes, schizophrenic ad-libbing, and a few sweet pop songs which could be sorta beautiful if they weren't made disturbing by their immediate surroundings. Knowing the guy fell apart mentally just a few years later... Yeah, it's like i'm listening to an audio diary of mark tucker falling apart, straight inside his ......

Acoustic Guitar – John Vignola (tracks: B1)
Electric Bass – Chris Demuynck (tracks: B1, B2, B3)
Electric Guitar, Harmonica [Blues Harp], Tape [Tape Manipulation], Producer – Shakey T. Colley
Liner Notes – Mark Tucker (2)
Vocals, Producer, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer [Arp 2600], Bass Guitar, Twelve-String Guitar – Mark Tucker (2)

1 This Hearse
2 Prologue: 1964 Cadillac
3 64Z037375 Part 1
4 Before They Call, I Will Answer
5 Sideways Love Forever
6 64Z037375 Part 2
7 Honey Tree
8 The Way It Really Is
9 Bataszew
10 I'm Nothing
Submerged Bat Vortex (A Batstew Nightmare)
11.a Meanwhile Back At The Pool
11.b God Drives My Hearse
11.c Hell's Bells
11.d Batstew
11.e Loretto
12 All Cars Are Sisters
13 1964 Cadillac
14 Kids
15 Bataszew (Alternate Version 2)
16 This Beach Is Very
17 Kotzebue

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