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1 May 2017

Merrell And The Exiles “Early Years 1964-1967″ US 1993 American Sound Records Psych,Beat Garage Rock Compilation vinyl Numbered edition of 500 copies.Comes with poster of the group + CD 1993 Compilation Legend Music ‎France

Merrell And The Exiles “Early Years 1964-1967″ US 1993 American Sound Records Psych,Beat Garage Rock Compilation vinyl Numbered edition of 500 copies.Comes with poster of the group + CD 1993 Compilation Legend Music ‎France
Merrell Fankahauser face book...
 Compilation of mid-60s recordings from Merrell Fankhauser (cult underground psych and folk hero from Fapardokly, HMS Bounty, MU and more) and company......

Formed in Lancaster, California, USA, in 1963, Merrell And The Exiles were formed by Merrell Fankhauser (vocals/guitar), Mark Thompson (guitar), Larry Willey (bass) and Randy Wymer (drums). Their first two singles, ‘Send Me Your Love’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Girl’, echoed the folk rock style of the Searchers. Jeff Cotton (guitar), John Day (organ) and John French (drums) took over from the rest of the band and supported Fankhauser on ‘Sorry For Yourself’ (1965), which won the dance contest on Dick Clark’s television programme American Bandstand. ‘Can’t We Get Along’ (1966) was the Exiles’ last single. Fankhauser then recorded a handful of tracks with various musicians which, when compiled with several Exiles’ masters, were released without his consent as Fapardokly. He then formed a new group, Merrell Fankhauser And HMS Bounty with another refugee from the Impacts, Bill Dodd. Of the other former Exiles, both Wymer and Willey joined in Mu, while John French and Jeff Cotton achieved fame as members of Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band..............

Credited to Merrell & the Exiles, this is a selection of rarities and unreleased material by Fankhauser's mid-'60s band, essentially the one that cut the great rare psych-folk-rock album that was credited to Fapardokly. It's pretty much a collection of outtakes with a few rare non-LP singles thrown in, and as such doesn't measure up to the best of Fankhauser's '60s material. Often derivative of the British Invasion, folk-rock, and early '60s teen pop, it's not bad, just not terribly memorable. The fake British Invasion of cuts like "Send Me Your Love" rank as the highlights. It also has his late-'60s non-LP single cover of Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'," although for some reason it's missing one of his mid-'60s non-LP 45s, "Can't We Get Along"/"That's All I Want From You" -- it was reissued on a rarities tape that Merrell himself released, if you can find it. Future Mu and Captain Beefheart guitarist Jeff Cotton appears on most of the tracks; future Beefheart drummer John French also appears on a Richie Unterberger....allmusic.........

This was Jeff Cotton’s first band which he put together when he was only 14 with Merrell Fankhauser, who’d had several surf hits with The Impacts, and fellow high school friends Greg Hampton and Jim Ferguson. They recorded a number of songs, influenced by Buddy Holly and the British Invasion groups, that became hits locally during 1964 and 1965 but much of their output has not been released until the last few years. Although Cotton definitely played on many of earlier The Exiles tracks the band developed into an ever-changing collection of musicians centred around Fankhauser during 1966 and 1967 by which time Cotton had moved on.
John French occasionally sat in on drums for The Exiles but there seems some doubt over whether he actually recorded anything with them although he is listed as doing so on some releases. Fankhauser thinks he did but French doesn’t think so!......................

Merrell Wayne Fankhauser is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist who was most active in the 1960s and 1970s with bands including the Impacts, Exiles, Fapardokly, HMS Bounty, Fankhauser-Cassidy Band, and MU.

In 1960 he joined a local band called The Impacts as lead guitarist. Their Ventures-influenced sound developed a strong following at the start of the surfing scene. In 1962 they recorded an album which was later released, without the band's knowledge, by Del-Fi Records, and which included a tune "Wipe Out" which Fankhauser suggests later provided the basis of the hit by the Surfaris.

Fankhauser left the band and moved to Lancaster, California. There he met Jeff Cotton (later of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band), and in 1964 they formed The Exiles. The band - which also included John "Drumbo" French - had some success but broke up. Fankhauser moved back to the coast, formed a new band, Merrell and the Xiles, and had a minor hit with "Tomorrow's Girl" in 1967. An album followed which included old Exiles songs and newer psych folk material. For the album the band was credited as Fapardokly, taking its name from the surnames of the original members - Fankhauser, Dan Parrish, Bill Dodd and Dick Lee. Despite its later cult acclaim, the album was not a success. Fankhauser and Dodd then formed another, more overtly psychedelic, band with Jack Jordan and Larry Meyers, naming it HMS Bounty. They won a recording deal with Uni Records, and their self-titled album was released in 1968, followed by the single "Tampa Run". However, success was again thwarted, by personal and record company problems and the band split up.

Reuniting with Jeff Cotton in 1970, Fankhauser then formed the group MU. In 1971 their first album was released and became a radio hit. Increasingly fascinated by legends of the lost continent of Mu, Fankhauser then relocated to the Hawaiian island of Maui in Feb. 1973. A second MU album, without Cotton, was recorded in 1974, but not released until the 1980s. Fankhauser then recorded a solo album, "Maui", issued in 1976.

Fankhauser continued to record, occasionally with friends including John Cipollina and more recently Ed Cassidy of Spirit, as well as producing new surf albums credited to The Impacts......................

After deciding to get a band together Merrell and Jeff put some ads out for more players. They were eventually joined by Jim Ferguson on bass, Dan Stevens on sax and Greg Hampton on drums ... The Exiles were born. Well, one incarnation of The Exiles anyway...

They soon became a popular live band around Lancaster playing school and after-school parties and dances. It wasn't long before they were spotted by the 'Sam Phillips of the High Desert' - Glen MacArthur - and asked to demo some tunes for him. MacArthur ran a small recording studio out in nearby Palmdale, and released material on his own Glenn Records label. He was well known locally and the studio in his garage was renowned for its vocal booth made from the cockpit of a F-86 Sabre jet fighter.

The Exiles visited MacArthur's Glenn Studios where they laid down some demo tracks - one of which, a cover of Buddy Holly's Rave On has been released on the Wild In The Desert compilation.

By April 1964 they had recorded a number of songs, including Don't Call On Me which was the first real musical collaboration between Merrrell and Jeff and also featured Jeff's first recorded solo. Their single releases, which were credited to MERRELL & The Exiles to cash in on Merrell's name from his time with The Impacts, had some local success. That meant they were in greater demand and when they signed for a Hollywood agency (Hollywood International Talents - HIT Talents) they were soon touring extensively.

The success of the single also led to a couple of TV appearances. One in San Diego on Bob Howard's "Dance Time" and another for "9th St. West" on KHJ Los Angeles. Their local radio chart success was repeated further afield in Oklahoma and Indiana but national success eluded them mainly due to the lack of publicity and distribution that a small label like Glenn could manage.

The line-up of The Exiles had been changing over these early months. Dan Stevens was no longer in the band. After the first single had been released Merrell decided he didn't like Greg Hampton's drumming so enlisted Danny Martin in his place sometime around June 1964.

The line-up of The Exiles seems to have continued to have been fairly fluid and it is very difficult to figure out the different band configurations. At various times John French sat in on drums for live shows and in the studio. Merrell gives the impression that there was a lot of movement and interaction between the Lancaster bands, members of The Exiles and the Magic Band jamming together at various times. Although this sounds interesting, even plausible, there is little evidence from elsewhere of this taking place. However, in a small place like Lancaster the happening bands at the time couldn't help but take notice of each other and would be well aware of any particularly good players. Jeff seems to have left and rejoined The Exiles a number of times to play with two other bands - The Illusions (or Allusions) and The Bountys.

The main break-up of the original band came at the end of 1965 following a disastrous six week gig around Christmas at a logging camp in very cold Portland, Oregon.

Merrel Fankhauser - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Cotton - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Furguson - Bass
Greg Hampton - Drums
Larry Willey - Bass, Vocals
John Day - Organ, Vocals
Mark Thompson - Keyboards, Guitar
Dan Martin - Drums
John French - Drums
Dick Lee - Drums
Bill Dodd - Guitar, Vocals
Jim Gordan - Drums
Al Casey - Guitar
Larry Knechtel - Piano
John Oliver - Bass

A1 Shake My Hand
A2 Let Me Go
A3 Please Be Mine
A4 Don't Call On Me
A5 Send Me Your Love
A6 Pain In My Heart
A7 Let The Time Go By
A8 Run Baby Run
B1 Long Time Gone
B2 Don't Get Go
B3 Boys
B4 Remember Me
B5 She's Gone
B6 The War
B7 Yes I Love You
B8 Be A Good Neighbor Week

Merrell Fankhauser - LP discography:

Merrell FankhauserThe Impacts: Wipe Out! (1963)
Fapardokly (a/k/a Merrell & The Exiles): Fapardokly (1966)
Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty: Things! (1968)
Mu: Mu (a/k/a 'Lemurian Music') (1971)
Merrell Fankhauser: Merrell Fankhauser (a/k/a 'The Maui Album') (1976)
Mu: The Last Album (a/k/a 'End of an Era') (1981)
Merrell Fankhauser: Calling from a Star (1983)
Mu: Children of the Rainbow (1985)
Merrell Fankhauser & The Maui Band: A Day In Paradise (1985)
Merrell Fankhauser: Doctor Fankhauser (1986)
Merrell Fankhauser: Message to the Universe: The Alien Rock Suite (1986)
Merrell Fankhauser: Back This Way Again (1990)
Merrell Fankhauser: Flying to Machu Picchu (1992)
Merrell & The Exiles: The Early Years 1964-1967 (1993)
Merrell Fankhauser: California Live (1994)
Merrell Fankhauser: Jungle Lo Lo Band (1995)
Fankhauser / Cassidy Band: On the Blue Road (1995)
The Impacts: Surfin' 101 (1996)
The Impacts: Eternal Surf (1997)
Merrell Fankhauser: Psychedelic Dreams (1998)
The Impacts: Sex, Wax and Surf (1999)
Fankhauser / Cassidy Band: Further On Up The Road (1999)
Merrell Fankhauser: Merrell Fankhauser and Friends (2000)
Merrell & The Exiles: Wild in the Desert ‎(2000)
Merrell Fankhauser: Goin' Back to Delta (2000)
Merrell Fankhauser: Return to Mu (2000)
Merrell & The Haiku Band: Visitor from 2000 AD (2000)
Merrell Fankhauser: The Man from Mu (2000)
Merrell Fankhauser: Favorite Oldies (2003)
Merrell Fankhauser & Yoriko Hongo: Tropical Heat (2003)
Merrell Fankhauser: Rockin' and Surfin' (2004)
Merrell Fankhauser: Rockin' and Surfin', Vol.2 (2007)
Fankhauser / Cassidy Band: Stolen Guitar Blues (2007)
Merrell Fankhauser: The Whole Day Ahead of Us (2008)
Merrell Fankhauser: Rockin' and Surfin', Vol.3 (2008)
Merrell Fankhauser and Friends: Live on Maui and California (2009)
Merrell Fankhauser: Move to Higher Ground (2009)
Merrell Fankhauser: When Merrell Met Jane (2010)
Merrell Fankhauser: Favorite Oldies, Vol.2 (2010)
Merrell Fankhauser: Area 51 Suite (2013)
Merrell Fankhauser: Tiki Lounge, Vol.3 (2013)

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