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3 May 2017

Music Corporation “Are You Ready? ” 1971 South African Prog Jazz Rock

Music Corporation “Are You Ready? ” 1971  mega rare  South African Prog Jazz Rock

“Music Corporation is the largest and the most exciting contemporary rock group ever to emerge on the South African scene. 

The first South African group able to utilise 8 musicians and make it pay! 

Their music is a dynamic fusion of rock and jazz and with three lead singers the treatment of their songs can be split into any number of different vocal combinations. 

Instrumentally they span a range of 24 different instruments, which gives them tremendous scope in arranging and presenting their material.This is their very first recording and features some of their own exciting original compositions, including "Get It”. 
This is an Afro-Cuban percussion track, with voices used in place of a brass section with dynamic effect.“ 
The Band: 

Lofty Schultz/ Paddy Powell/ Manny Francisco/ Nippy Cripwell/ Allan Goldswain/ Eric Norgate/ Sean Bergin

Side One 
01 Are you ready? 
02 Don’t ever stop 
03 Melody fair 
04 Get it 

Side Two 
01 Drive my car 
02 In the hollow of your hand 
03 Running down the highway 
04 Pots and pans

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..