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26 May 2017

Novos Bahianos + Baby Consuelo ‎ “No Final Do Juízo” 1971 EP Brazil Psych Folk Rock

Novos Bahianos + Baby Consuelo ‎ “No Final Do Juízo” 1971 EP Brazil Psych Folk Rock

Em 1972 by Novos Baianos is the definitive form of the history of the universal history of the history of the Acabou chorare, considered by the people (créticos e ouvintes), which is the melody of the nacionalis of the todos tempo - ou o melhor, segundo alguns outros.

The disco is not intended to be a contradictory contrario, which means that it is not the case that it is possible that it would be preferable to do so in a fairly simple manner and that it is not No meio da tal mpb, ao menos não totmente.
This cover up there is of a compact homonymous released by the Baianos in 1971, between its first album, the sensational It is iron in the doll !, of 1970, and the celebrated Finished chorare.

As can be noticed, there is not yet the presence of the always remarkable Baby Consuelo; Only Moraes Moreira, Paulinho Boca de Cantor and Luiz Galvão were part of the band during the recordings. At the time the guys were much closer to psychedelia than anything else. Not that afterwards, already hand in hand to the samba and everything else they have escaped the trips of acid, but here the great influence of the trio was the rock.

In the same year of '71 they would receive a visit from the illustrious and eternal annotator João Gilberto, who would try to present other musical thrusts to the Baians from one base to the next. But for now hear this compact and understand where the boys' heads were.
Contrary to the famous Bahian sloth, the quartet - yes, Baby was already part of the band, just did not participate in the above compact - decided to take a little more of his hat before the arrival of 1972.

New Bahianos + Baby Consuelo was born at the end of the judgment, or simply At the end of the judgment (note that in this compact as in the previous one the band signed as New Bahianos). Now with Baby on the cover - besides a half sinistrão jesus - the disc still brings the group more rocky and less willing to sambar; Pepeu Gomes was already on the roll with the troupe (in fact he was the only 'real' musician), but his face still did not appear there, even though his name was recorded in the credits of the tracks. League only:
As I said, the stop here is pretty cricket rock star. "Take a Rope", which opens the double compact in a footprint half Jethro Tull or the other speaks better than I, with the letter 'I am love, I am love, I am love from head to toe. And I'm just kissing the face of someone who gives value
For those who are worth more than a hundred thousand reis. '

Already "Way of Peter" has that groove more sambista, an embryo of that would become in the following years. Oh, just to put an end to this text, Tulipa Ruiz always plays "You give me a record" on the Dancê tour shows, his last album.

Anyway, not to curl too much remember that these two discs were relaunched recently, to show the hippie hippie who were the original dirty feet. In '71 the Bahians were new, crazy and rockers, and so good.........................

Not surprisingly, the New Baianos made history in Brazilian music in the 70's. Nor is it news that the group was made up of excellent musicians, who had a unique Brazilianness and who played and sang with great emotion and sincerity, as if it were for the last time. Now, what most people do not know is that between 1970 and 1971 (after the release of LP É Ferro na Boneca), the group fell headlong into Tropicalismo, in Psych-Rock, a sound almost Hard and produced one of the most incredible works Of all times, the compact At the End of Judgment.
This causes a certain strangeness because a lot of people have learned to love the New Baianos after hearing the eternal Chorare, where a more regional music, focused on Samba and Bossa Nova (by the clear influence of João Gilberto), is noticeable.
Of course, it is worth remembering that at that time, they already had the support band A Cor do Som (formerly called The Leifs), the brothers Pepeu and Jorginho Gomes and who knows their work, know their potential and the sound they could take .
At the time of this release the sound was really heavy (even the metals and the bases), with well recorded battery and many phrases / guitar solos, but even being "only" a double compact, they were able to vary slightly in the sound proposal , With Moraes Moreira playing flute and accordion, for example. But make no mistake, everything here leads to the most beautiful and powerful Rock.
The first song of At the End of the Judgment ("Give a Rolê") is a little intimist, that grows in a surprising and visceral way until the refrain, with Paulinho Boca de Cantor chanting "I am the love from head to toe" . "Give a Role" was also recorded on Gal Costa's wonderful Fa-Tal album, which earned a version that was as impressive as the New Baianos.
Queen Baby Consuelo gives a show of charisma and talent in the song "Você Me Dá Una Disco?", With the right to the lyrics in two languages. Lots of fun !!
"Pedro's Way" has an interesting letter, with the beautiful balcony of the similarity between the words "stone" and "Pedro", except that the sound is contagious.
To finish, the paused "Risque", a Rock of high level, that even, contains the phrase that gives the title to the disc.
Unfortunately, none of the songs were reused in the following works and as the compact came out with a limited run, it has become a rare item for collectors. Thankfully, in the digital age, it is possible to find the download links and videos on you tube and this tends to satisfy (a little) those who want to appreciate this pearl of National Rock.
In this beautiful work, the New Baianos show that even though it seems little, four tracks is more than enough to wash the soul of lovers of good music and also enough to enter the hall of the essential records of Brazilian music.
New Baianos ... a music lesson, great influence!..............................

A1 –Paulinho Boca De Cantor E Novos Bahianos* Dê Um Rolê
Composed By – Galvão*, Morais*
A2 –Baby Consuelo E Novos Bahianos* Você Me Dá Um Disco?
Composed By – Galvão*, Morais*, Pepeu*
B1 –Morais* E Novos Bahianos* Caminho De Pedro
Composed By – Galvão*, Morais*
B2 –Novos Bahianos* Risque
Composed By – Galvão*, Morais*

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