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11 May 2017

Oliver O. Cook"The Prince" 1972 Italy Prog Psych

Oliver O. Cook  "The Prince" 1972 Italy very rare  Prog Psych
Fantastic and ultrarare italian psych prog underground with heavy fuzz guitar,electric piano,organ, distorted sax..similar music to "exploitation psych lps"like Underground Set,Ugly Custard,Hungry Wolf and the likes..Issued in Italy only on legendary Polaris label (of I TEOREMI fame),unknown obscure band..Never turns up.........

Very rare album released in 1972 and never reissued in CD. This you can listen to is of course the vinyl version. Who is Oliver O'Cook? Frankly, I do not know, and then I ask for help from the many friends who travel in the Stratosphere and they will definitely be of help. The only information I have found on the usual Italian prog site reads as follows: "A neglected album released for the Polaris label, which is why some collectors associate this disc with that of the Theorems, although there are no apparent motives. There are details on the cover or on the label of the mysterious Oliver O'Cook (a photo appears on the back cover), and all the songs are attributed to an author named Wost. The genre of twelve instrumental tracks, all pretty Short, it is a pop with very limited progressive influences and dominated by the characteristic sound of the "prepared piano", the trademark of Duke of Burlington to which this artist is probably connected. "

The songs are absolutely pleasing, with some flute inserts that brings us back to vague atmospheric prog. The mysterious Oliver O'Cook in his "The Prince" plays almost all the instruments. Do not take it as a concealed masterpiece of the prog, because it is not, but as a cult album to collect and preserve. For the joy of collectors and completers.........verso la stratosfera...........

A forgettable album on the Polaris label, and for this reason some collectors connect it with I Teoremi (though there are no apparent connections between these artists). No details are given on the cover and labels on the identity of the mysterious Oliver O'Cook (pictured on the back cover), and all the tracks are credited to an author named Wost.
The style of the 12 short instrumental tracks is pop with very light prog leanings, dominated by the "prepared" piano that was the trademark of The Duke of Burlington; a connection probably exists between these artists....Italian Prog..........

1A I'm The Boss
2B 35th Street
3B Genius
4B Hey! Aretha
5A The Beautiful World
6A The Magic Day

1B Come Into The Sunshine
2B Holiday For A Piano
3B Krazy Cat
4B The Ballad Of Suzanne
5B Part Of My Life
6B The New Tennesee

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