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23 May 2017

Os Incríveis “Os Incríveis ” 1970 Brazil Latin Psych Pop Rock

Os Incríveis “Os Incríveis ” 1970 Brazil Latin Psych Pop Rock
Os Incríveis was a Brazilian rock and pop band from the 60’s and 70’s, formed in São Paulo by Domingos Orlando “Mingo”, Waldemar Mozema “Risonho”, Antônio Rosas Seixas “Manito”, Luiz Franco Thomaz “Netinho” and Demerval Teixeira Rodrigues “ Neno ”, which was replaced in 1965 by Lívio Benvenuti Júnior" Nenê “. 

Initially, the band was called The Clevers, and in their shows they played twist, a style in the early 1960s. The success came during the Young Guard period, the group changed the name after breaking with the businessman Antonio Aguilar, who was the owner of The Clevers brand, with the change of name and popular songs like "Was a Boy Who, Like Me, Loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones”, “The Millionaire” and “I Love You” , My Brazil". 
Throughout the years of 1970, former members of the Incredibles formed other important bands of Brazilian rock, Netinho set up the band Casa das Máquinas and Manito together with Pedro Baldanza and Pedro Pereira da Silva formed the famous progressive group Som Nosso de Cada Dia. 
Recently, the group has reunited on several occasions. The band Engenheiros do Hawaii, re-recorded one of their hit songs……………… 
Since the time of The Clevers, this extraordinary group has been collecting hits and fans around the world, considering that in the late 60s, major tours throughout Europe and throughout Latin America were common. They have really conquered much of the music market! 
The Incredibles is that kind of band that was born giant, which gives us the impression that it was far ahead of its time, in every way. Arrangements, lyrics, recording techniques, everything was done in an impeccable way, which to this day sounds very current. 
The 1970 self-titled album features the even more mature Incredibles, somewhat removed from the Young Guard and pop music from previous albums, who had “Was A Boy Who Loved The Beatles And The Rolling Stones,” “The Millionaire,” and “ The Vagabond, "which are great though, far from the complexity and especially the weight, for example, of” Goodbye, Vagabond Friend (Tribute to Jimi Hendrix). This song, by the way, is very timely, as it is a re-reading of a song by the duo Tony and Frankye, replacing “Tribute to Brian Jones” and the riff of “Satisfaction” by “Tribute to Jimi Hendrix” Deceased shortly before) and by the riff of “Foxy Lady”. 
The Estonian “I’m Going to the Sea Waiting for the Sun” is beautiful, the best “Ruby Tuesday” style. “I Love You My Brazil” is also incredible, with a sincere proposal of exaltation to the Homeland. It was a pity that it was so misused by the dictatorship under General Medici’s government. Of course, by pure opportunism of the government of the time and not by displeasure of the band, it is worth to emphasize. 
The ballad “I Need to Get Rid of You” has a lamenting tone, but it’s far from corny, quite the contrary, it’s exhilarating. 
The country of “You Think It’s Such” and the hard rock “World of Love” hug the A side of long play very well. 
On the B-side, the band seems determined to please their many gringos fans and feature two songs in English, “Question” and “You Keep Me Hangin'On” (with a Progressive Rock track). Soon after, a cover that must have caused a frisson in fans of George Freedman, “No Destiny (Vagabondo)”. 
In the instrumental “Hi-De-Ho”, the band gives a musical class, especially Manito in the beautiful solo of sax and Netinho in his moment “Moby Dick”, exploring the entire drum kit. Nenê Benvenutti’s bass is also shivering. More than impressive !! Without doubt a beautiful theme to finish a great album. 
Some years after the release of this work, Netinho and Manito formed two other mega groups of the Brazilian Rock, the House of Machines and the Som Nosso de Cada Dia, respectively. Perhaps it was in this record of the Incredibles that the musicians began to have the first ideas and influences that they would put into practice in the works of their future bands, after all, both groups, always, presented a heavy sonority and of far reaching. Probably another involuntary (and very happy) contribution from the Incredibles to Brazilian Rock. 
Viva The Incredibles, a genuinely Brazilian band that starts with the name, is worthy of much admiration…………….. 

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A1 Adeus,Amigo Vagabundo
A2 Vou Pra Beira Do Mar Esperar O Sol
A3 Eu Te Amo,Meu Brasil
A4 Você Pensa Que É A Tal
A5 Mundo De Amor
A6 Eu Preciso Me Livrar De Você
B1 Question
B2 Sem Destino
B3 You Keep Me Hangin’ On
B4 Hi De Ho 
Written-By – Goffin And King 

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