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15 May 2017

Ovila “Passe Moé Un Québec” 1976 Canada Prog Soul Funk Rock

Ovila “Passe Moé Un Québec” 1976 Canada Prog Soul Funk Rock

Ovila, also known as Ovila B. Blais, is one of those rare Quebec white musicians who have a sense of rhythm like "black" or correct African-Americans. Funky and soul genres, and also because of poverty, have long been rooted in Quebec and their origins date back to the late 60s, to performers such as Pierre Perpall, Claude Dubois, La B.O. D'Après Ski ... So it was until the mid-70s, when funky compositions continued to appear on artists' albums from Quebec, among them Boule Noire, Nanette Workman, Luc Cousineau, Richard Tate. So Ovila Blais became part of the funk-following wave, and by that time he had already released a couple of matching sopokjatok, including one on behalf of Hum (Can) in 1972, before his solo album appeared in 1976 album. 

It can be said that these singles were the album's anticipation, and its name "Pass'mo Un Québec" is a fun word game (note that the album and title songs are slightly different) and the variation on the phrase "plant a tree". All the songs of the album were composed by Ovila himself or in commonwealth with other musicians and almost all of them are performed perfectly with the help of the accompanying clavier style, brass bands, wah-wah guitars, congas, syncopated drums and all other necessary ingredients. In addition to being an extraordinary multi-instrumentalist, Ovila Blais is surrounded by a whole team of great musicians, whose list is impressive, and the most famous are Claude Arsenault (bass), Germain Gauthier (guitar), André Leclerc and Richard Patry (drums), Richard Beaudet Saxophone) and Christiane Robichaud (vocals). Recorded in three different studios (Denis Pantis, RCA and Québec Son) from 1975-76, the album "Pass'moé Un Québec" claims to be an eternal classic and can be taken to a desert island. It is not known why Ovila B. Blais stopped making similar music after this album, because his style of play is able to inspire musicians today, but for this, the ancient vinyl must necessarily be reissued on a CD........

Backing Vocals – Christiane Robichaud (tracks: A6), Denis et Denise Lepage*, Géraldine Hunt* (tracks: A4)
Clavinet – Denis Lepage
Congas – Tony*
Drums – André Leclerc, Andy Shorter, Pierre Ringuette*, Richard Patry
Electric Bass – Parenteau*, Claude Arsenault, Robert Alarie
Electric Piano – Denis Lepage, Ovila*
Guitar – André Angelini, Germain Gauthier, Hovaness Hagopian, Ovila*, Robert Goulet (2)
Lead Vocals – Ovila*
Piano – Denis Lepage, Ovila*, Yvan Brault
Saxophone – Richard Beaudet
Strings – Ovila*
Synthesizer – Denis Lepage
Trumpet – Denis Lepage
Written-By – O. Blais*

Tracklist (Vinyl)
A1 Saprement Hâte 2:30
A2 Passe-Moé Un Québec 2:07
A3 Nous 3:14
A4 Comme Un Rêve 2:08
A5 Duo Réflexion 2:32
A6 Pole Nord 4:39
B1 La Baloune 2:16

B2 Grand Menage Sur Christophe Colomb 3:15
B3 Idées Pensées 2:01
B4 Rosalie Folie 2:12
B5 Le P'tit Rock 4:38
B6 Mon Bébé, Mon Amie 3:20 

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