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26 May 2017

Patrulha do Espaço “Patrulha do Espaço” 1981 Brazil Heavy Rock Hard Rock

Patrulha do Espaço “Patrulha do Espaço” 1981 Brazil Heavy Rock Hard Rock

Patrulha do Espaço   l is a Brazilian rock band. The group was created in 1977 by Arnaldo Baptista (former Mutantes), along with drummer Rolando Castello Junior (who had already played with Made in Brazil and with Aeroblus, from Argentina), bassist Oswaldo "Cokinho" Gennari and Irish guitarist John Flavin (ex-Dry & Wet). Space Patrol, subtitle of the instrumental music Honky Tonky of the classic solo disc Lóki de Arnaldo, premiered at the 1st Latin American Rock Concert at Ibirapuera Gymnasium in São Paulo in September 1977, becoming one of the main expressions of São Paulo's rock Of the last decades. 
With the departure of Arnaldo Baptista in 1978, the band began to count on the participation of Percy Weiss in the vocals and realized the recording of the first independent disc of rock of Brazil, known like Disco Black, from where the hits "Arrepiado" and " Let's enjoy one together "marked the success of the eight tracks released on vinyl.

From 1979 to 1985, the Space Patrol established itself as the first heavy rock trio performing hundreds of shows, most notably the opening of Van Halen's performances in São Paulo in 1983, when he received personal praise from Eddie Van Halen. From this period are recorded the third, fourth and fifth albums of the Patrol, containing songs like "Columbia", "Feast of Rock" and "Do not be afraid".
The Space Patrol also had the participation of Argentine guitarist Pappo (Riff and Aeroblus), which resulted in the recording of the Patrulha 85 album, also released in Argentina, with the songs "Animal Eye" and "Robot".

The Space Patrol resumed work in 1992 when it released the Primus Inter Pares vinyl, A posthumous homage to bassist Sergio Santana.

A withdrawal from the scene was motivated by the incessant activity of drummer Rolando Castello Júnior, ahead of the production of cultural events and as a clerk, speaker and music producer.

In the 90's, the "Dossiers" Series was also launched, presenting the Space Patrol's work in CD format, chronologically telling the story of the band, beautifully illustrated, presented in four volumes or boxed with all the CDs. The Space Patrol counted in its route with the production of sixteen discs.

Returning definitively to the road, from 1999 to 2008, he performed hundreds of concerts all over the country and, back to the studios, also released the Chronophagia CDs, Dossiê Volume 4, Compact and Mission in Area 13, Containing 12 unreleased songs.

In 2009, the Space Patrol performs the national and international tour that brings together some of the band's main successes and new compositions.

The Space Patrol has performed at the main rock and music festivals in Brazil: Virada Cultural in São Paulo, Camping & Rock in Minas Gerais, Psicodália and Rural Rock Fest in Santa Catarina, Festival of Independent Bands of CAASO at EESC / USP In São Carlos, Goiânia Noise in Goiás, Ferrock in the Federal District, besides performing shows in theaters and country rock houses.

In this tour of 2009 Space Patrol will be presented in his classic trio lineup, with Rolando Castello Junior (drums), Marcelo Schevano (guitar and vocals) and René Seabra (bass and vocals). Rumor has it that the band would be recording a new song, Rolando Rock, in honor of the drummer and founder Rolando Castello Júnior.

In 2011, the band contributes a song on the soundtrack of the Brazil Heavy Metal documentary. In 2012 was released the CD Sleeping In Bed Nails Cleison Ferreira ..............

The Space Patrol is admittedly one of the heaviest groups in the history of Brazilian Rock. They always made a point of playing loud and bringing the audience the true essence of Rock n Roll.
The first album, recorded in 1979 (edited in 1980) had already been a beautiful "business card". In it, it was possible to perceive the grip of the unequaled Percy Weiss on vocals, as well as the pleasantly rustic side of all the songs. A band that showed great potential, but still sought its definitive sound.
In this second album, released in 1981, the Patrol showed that it had achieved its goal, showing an even more precise and constant sound. It was in fact a clear musical evolution, but they kept the same footprint of the previous work, with songs "dirty" and that suggest a maximum volume from the beginning to the end.
After some important changes, the formation of the time counted on Eduardo Chermont on guitar and vocal, Rolando Castello Junior on drums and Sergio Santana on bass and vocals. An extraordinary power trio with great musicians.
It turns out to be difficult to highlight the main songs, since the entire album is very inspired. It is possible to say only that "That Irritates Me", "Streets of the City", "After the Eleven" and "Nada a Perder" would enter any compilation of best songs from Rock Brazuca.
Fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Feat, Eagles, among others, should yearn for the songs "Berro" and "Planet Rock". They are as captivating and beautiful as the songs of the bands mentioned.
Watching all the work of the Patrol, it is possible to affirm that it is a very influential band, that is in the first step of the Brazilian Rock. Space Patrol 1981 is the pinnacle and the synthesis of this magnificent work. Highly recommended for those who love music.
It increases there that the sound is of the Space Patrol !!................

A1 Isso Me Irrita 2:35
A2 Planeta Rock 5:00
A3 Berro 3:45
A4 Nada A Perder 3:16
B1 Sai Dessa Vida 3:30
B2 Ruas Da Cidade 1:42
B3 Vampiros 4:00
B4 Depois Das 11 5:50

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