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22 May 2017

Paulo Diniz "Paulo Diniz “ 1974 Brazil rare Latin Soul Funk groove

Paulo Diniz  "Paulo Diniz “ 1974 Brazil rare Latin Soul Funk groove

The first collaboration of 2016 of the friend Aderaldo is very special. This is Paulo Diniz's LP, released in 1974 by EMI-Odeon, and thank you for introducing it. The highlight is the track "Pirim pim pim", which drinks from the same musical source of "Piripiri", another success of the singer and composer from Pernambuco. Other tracks, ignored by the media, are very good, like the re-reading of "Baião", from the repertoire of the countryman Luiz Gonzaga, and the romantic "Love question" interpreted in English. Golden Boys, Esperanza Trio and Odibar are backing vocals.

The album, over the four decades that have separated since the release to date, has become "cult", and has become the rarest and most desired of his career for fans, even though it remains unpublished on CD. Perhaps, for this very reason, it is hardly found in specialized sebum and websites, such as Mercado Livre, and its price is always higher than the other Paulo Diniz albums. The album, strangely enough, ends - after the track "Rena Rendou", which closes the B side - with a seven-second recording of a child's unnamed voice on the disc. Check it:.................

01 – Pirim Pim Pim
(Paulo Diniz - Odibar)
02 – Pedra do Arpoador
(Paulo Diniz - Odibar)
03 – Love Question
(Paulo Diniz)
04 – Cante Alguma Coisa
(Paulo Diniz - Odibar)
05 – Mito Solar da Morte
(Pedro Jaguaribe)
06 – São Paulo Demais
(Paulo Diniz - Odibar)
07 – Vê Se Pisa no Braseiro (part. esp. Odibar)
(Paulo Diniz - Odibar)
08 – Baião
(Luis Gonzaga - Humberto Teixeira)
09 – Balão Colorido
(Paulo Diniz - Odibar)
10 – Sem Você no Interior
(Paulo Diniz - Odibar)
11 – Chica Bethânia
(Paulo Diniz - Odibar)
12 – Rena Rendou (part. esp. Odibar)
(Paulo Diniz - Odibar) 

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