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27 May 2017

Quarto Crescente, Percy Weiss, Tigueis, Horácio Malanconi Neto, Babalú ‎ "Quarto Crescente"1981 Brazil Rock,Rock n' Roll

Quarto Crescente, Percy Weiss, Tigueis, Horácio Malanconi Neto, Babalú ‎ "Quarto Crescente"  1981 Brazil Rock,Rock n' Roll


Crescent Room was a musical project formed in 1979 that counted on Percy Weiss, Horácio Malanconi (IN MEMORIAN) and Tigues, bass player and renowned luthier, then entered Tony Babalu on guitar.
Initially the band received the name of "Cadela" and the name Crescent Quarter was inherited from a seminal band of the own Percy of 1973.
The name was homestead, because when they went to record the debut album, the production found the name "Bitch" very inadequate, they immediately decided to call themselves "Crescent Room".
They released in 1981 a homonymous disc that presented for the time new musical proposals and with this formation they made many shows and appearances in programs of TV, like: the hour of the Chacrinha, the horn of the Chacrinha, Lunch with the stars and many others.
The rock was boiling in the 80's and of course, all members had their life projects parallel, and after many adventures with the band, in 1982 each went their way, ending the band's short career..............

A1 Bicicleta
Songwriter – Tigueis*, Malanconi*, Paes, Weiss*
A2 Serra Pelada
Songwriter – Malanconi, Paes, Weiss*
A3 Aves Noturnas
Songwriter – Tigueis*, Paes, Weiss*
A4 Jovem Guarda (pot-pourri) : Gênio /O Pica Pau/ Parei na Contra Mão / Rua Augusta /O Bom/ Solis Splash/ Você Me Acende
Songwriter – Various
B1 Mercado Modelo
Songwriter – Tigueis*, Malanconi*, Weiss*
B2 Boa Garota
Songwriter – Tigueis*, Weiss*
B3 Regue Fajuto
Songwriter – Paes, Weiss*
B4 Fique Frio
Songwriter – Tigueis*, Weiss*
B5 Triste Cidade
Songwriter – Tigueis*, Paes, Weiss*

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