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20 May 2017

Rasa “Coming Into Full Bloom” 1979 + “Oasis 1979 Sweden Psych Raga Rock

Rasa  “Coming Into Full Bloom” 1979 + “Oasis 1979 Sweden Psych Raga Rock 

Rasa  “Coming Into Full Bloom” 1979 


The group RASA began in the summer of 1978. Robert Campagnola, then known as Harikesa Swami, had been playing devotional Sanskrit bhajans in a joking manner on a large organ recently donated to ISKCON Germany. Some of these songs were recorded and the tapes passed around. Jorgen Sundsvall (Vegavan das), heard these tapes and decided it could be potentially profitable to record an album and distribute it. He invited Robert into a room in the building where they stayed where he had secretly arranged a recording session with a drummer (Dattatreya), piano player Madhava Puri Das (Mats Olausson), electric guitarist (Stig Sjoberg), bass player and a recording engineer (Sperling). Robert sat behind the piano and started spontaneously playing Cintamani while the others gradually joined in. This was the first track on the extremely successful album, Oasis, which sold many hundreds of thousands of copies throughout Europe. Subsequent RASA albums were released, some with the same original musicians, and the band grew so popular they were requested to play the large open air concerts in Germany before huge crowds.

To facilitate the recording of the material, Robert built a recording studio in Korsnas Gard, Sweden with the help of Ekhardt Matz (Ekanath das) and others. Together they learned the art of recording, mixing and mastering, and custom built many of the facilities within the studio that were used to record other albums and shows for bands and Radio Krishna, the popular Narradion production for Stockholm. The music and lyrics were either adaptations of traditional Indian songs or original compositions by Robert. The band ceased to exist in 1984. From 1987 till 1995, Robert recorded under the band name of BLISS…………………….

I have bought this album 1st time in 1983 in Berlin ,Germany and at that time I didn’t know much about this band"Rasa".Just to make it clear this band is not affiliated with new age band RASA(Hans Christian) in any way,a actually they were Swedish band under supervision of Sri Vishnupada(Robert Campagnola) leader of the band and at that time one of the spiritual masters at ISKCON (The International Society for Krishna Consciousness).O.K. now about this record,originally released in 1979 in Lotos production and album is made in Old Indian bhajan tradition with some modern progrock influence.Songs on this album are sang on ancient Sanskrit language and they all are old traditional devotional songs.So for me this is bit of a nostalgic and I purchased this album for 4th time in last 35years,because those previous ones I have lost over the time.I will put this album in prog rock genre and if somebody like tripy melodic tunes this will be the one to try,all recording is in the" Quintessence" mood or mid sixties psychedelic era,from musical point of view,for me is just excellent work.Just to ad one more thing ,Rasa band have all together about nine more albums.Thank you………Byn.b.pop sound factory project…………

Bass – Mikael Lammgård
Drums – Kent Larsson (2)
Guitar – Stig Sjöberg
Organ – Madhava Purī* (tracks: B1)
Painting [Front Cover] – Yadurāṇī
Percussion [Ass’t], Bells – Jan.*, K.K. (5), Tur., Veg.*
Percussion [Mṛdanga] – Viṣṇupāda (tracks: B2)
Piano – Madhava Purī*, Viṣṇupāda (tracks: B1)
Producer, Arranged By, Design [Cover], Vocals, Organ – Viṣṇupāda
Written-By – Trad.*, Visnupada*

A1 Eternal Spaceman 7:15
A2 Mahā-mantra 8:55
A3 My Wasted Life 6:30
B1 Six Wonderful Men 7:50
B2 The Jewel Quality 6:30
B3 Childhood Pastimes 6:52 

Rasa “Oasis” 1979 Sweden Psych Raga Rock 

“The word rasa, means mellow, the smooth, uninterrupted taste of a higher nature. The group Rasa, taking off on the ancient melody and lyric of timeless India, illuminates the anxiety filled recesses of our hazy minds and cleanses the mirror of the inner heart.” This is what it says in backcover. Nice atmosphere, good vocals, easy playing…..ProgNotFrog…………..

RASA was a Swedish music group that existed in 1978-1984 . Their first album, Oasis, came in 1979 and became a big success sold in over 100,000 copies in Europe . The band consisted exclusively of Hare Krishna followers and their records were recorded in a studio (built by band member Robert Campagnola) at Korsnäs gård

The band members changed a little, but many were there from start to finish, and they achieved the biggest successes in Germany, where they faced a large audience . The band consisted, among other things, of Robert Campagnola, then known as Harikesa Swami, (song, various instruments and acted as well as songwriter and producer) , Mats Olausson (piano) and Stig Sjöberg (electric guitar) .

Their albums have only been released on LP and cassette tape……..

“This Lotus-Eye production was recorded live by Roger Sperrling at Korsnäs Gård, Sweden, on Stellovox equipment. This long lasting, hi-fidelity, stereo record is pressed from the highest quality plastic and properly cooled. Thus the exciting sound captured within the grooves remains crystal clear when played on proper stereo or monaural equipment. There are no artificially added electronic effects, alterations, over-dubs, or any other sound dulling technique - simply the pure, natural sound of live music.”………

Arranged By – Viṣṇupāda
Artwork By – Viṣṇupāda
Artwork By [Front Cover Painting] – Janmanalāya
Bass – Carl Klintenberg (tracks: B2, B3), Jan Appelholm (tracks: A3), Mikael Lammgård
Drums – Dattatreya
Guitar – Stig Sjöberg
Organ – Mats Olausson (tracks: B2), Viṣṇupāda
Piano – Mats Olausson, Viṣṇupāda (tracks: A1)
Recorded By [Live] – Roger Sperrling
Vocals – Viṣṇupāda

A1 Touchstone 8:41
A2 Where? 8:00
A3 Life’s Oasis 7:49
B1 Lotus Flower 7:27
B2 The Names 7:27
B3 Feast For The Mind 7:48 
Studio Albums
1979 - Oasis
1979 - Coming Into Full Bloom
1980 - Setting The Scene
1980 - Transparent Media
1982 - Universal Forum
1982 - Swinging
1982 - Dancing on the Head of the Serpent

Live Albums
1980 - The Family Krishna - Alive!
1981 - Creation 

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