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7 May 2017

Red Sky "Red Sky" 1977 US Prog Rock

Red Sky  "Red Sky"  1977 US Prog Rock
In terms of scarcity 1977's "Red Sky" stands somewhere in the middle of the tax scam pile. It occasionally shows up on dealer lists, though most copies seem to have significant ring wear. It isn't one of the true tax scam holy grails (e.g. Stonewall), though the asking price has steadily increased over the last couple of years. As mentioned, it's one of the tax scam genre's true mysteries. The liner notes provide no info on writing, or performance credits so I'm not even sure if this was a real band, or reflected some anonymous singer/songwriter's demos that Guinness somehow got hold of and issued under the Red Sky name. If pressed, I'd lean to the latter since the eight tracks seem to feature the same anonymous lead singer, but cover a massive range of genres, as if the artist was trying to display his flexibility. In fact the only piece of bibliographical info you could score from the liner notes was that all eight tracks were produced by Dennis Ringley (good luck tracking down anything on the name). ...Bad Cat....... 

A1 She And I 4:15
A2 All Night Radio 3:16
A3 You Know What's Real 2:29
A4 Howdy Stranger 3:01
B1 Later Day Saint 3:50
B2 I Won't Forget You 2:45
B3 Red Sky At Night 6:35
B4 I Wanna Let You Know 4:05 

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