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29 May 2017

Red Snakes “Trying to be Someone” 1970 Brazil Garage Psych Rock

Red Snakes  “Trying to be Someone” 1970 Brazil Garage Psych Rock

There was a time in Rio when the Red Snakes reigned almost absolute in the dance circuit of Grajaú, Tijuca and surrounding areas. In this part of the city, they enjoyed a fame equivalent to, or even superior to, the two most famous bands of the time: the Analfabitles, eternal rivals, and the energetic The Bubbles. But less than a year after the release of their best album, the third and great Trying To Be Someone (1969), and after an unchanged routine of shows over the five years of their existence, they have ended their story .

It all started at the home of Ronaldo and Renato Bakker. It was there that the friends of the street met, Gurupi Street, located in the leafy and pleasant neighborhood of Grajaú, Zona Norte of Rio. In the midst of the typical adolescence games, when they talked about music, which was frequent, they did it with the Seriousness of adult people. The musical universe was different, it was not just an occasional variant of those 10-to-12 year old kid jokes. With the endorsement of their parents, their Godescardo and dona Iraci, dilettantes singers and lovers of music, the boys decided to form an instrumental ensemble inspired by the North American Ventures and by the Brazilian Jet Blacks. That's when Red Snakes came out, led by Ronaldo, a 12-year-old boy. With him on guitar solo and mandolin, his brother Renato, almost two years younger, on guitar rhythm, Hélcio José, bass, Ricardo, organ and scale, and Carlos Henrique, the eldest of all, aged 14, in the Drummer, the Red Snakes were ready to debut. 1966 was just beginning.
Geraldo Trindade, owner of a small record company whose albums were mainly sold through mailing lists, liked the band he saw at one of these shows, and hired her to record a record for his label, Getrim. In a single session, as if it were live, with no rights to extra outlets and much less overdubs, the band recorded 12 instrumental tracks that made their first LP, titled Jovem Brasa. In it, the listener was faced, for example, with film themes (The Bored Dollar, Thunderball, Un Homme et Une Femme, Born Free), romanticism (Themes for Young Lovers), French music (T'En Vas Pas) and hits Recent events such as New Vaudeville Band's Winchester Cathedral and Bus Stop by The Hollies. Launched in 1966, the album portrayed with fidelity the musical moment lived by the group, stamped in photo, with uniform and everything, on the back cover of the LP.

Although the record was recorded in haste, it is evident that the young musicians still lacked maturity. Even so, it sold well, so well that Geraldo Trindade summoned them again to register another LP, which was done the following year in 1967, when Jovem Brasa 2 was released. Like the title, Jovem Brasa 2 is a mere continuation of the style used in the first album, with the band sliding its sonority through romantic songs (Love Is A Many Splendored Thing), international hits (Sunny, There's A Kind Of Hush) and MPB (Martin Luther King Tribute). However, shortly after its release, the band realized that it was time to take a turn looking for a style more in keeping with the current international pop / rock universe. After all, "Sgt. Peppers," by the Beatles, had already taken their toll, marking the beginning of a remarkable musical revolution that the Red Snakes wanted to approach. The first step was to reformulate the band itself: they left the drummer Carlos Henrique, whose style did not please Ronaldo much, and bassist Hélcio, and entered Dirceu (bass) and Antonilton (guitar), passing Renato to the drums. Next, the immediate providence was to abandon the old, predominantly instrumental style, which already sounded anachronistic, and explore even more vocal-based songs, which they were gradually inserting into their presentations, reinforcing a more consistent sound base . Then, alongside Beatles songs, Dave Clark Five, Herman's Hermits, came in heavier rocks, hitherto avoided by the group, from Steppenwolf, Rolling Stones, and later to Eric Clapton's power trio Cream, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. They also incorporated little-known works from people like the Young Rascals and Brooklin Bridge. As for the softer themes, Mr. Diengly Sad, this beautiful melody of the Critters, was one of the most consistent
And it was 1969, a year of tremendous boom in the Red Snakes' career, that they had another chance to record another LP, this time for the Team. With his last line-up, which included Marcinho, on keyboards, instead of Maurício, the Red Snakes recorded the LP that was to be called Trying To Be Someone at Hawaii Studios, in the central neighborhood of Saúde. For the first time, Through magnetic tapes, own compositions. There were five of them, all of Álvaro, one in partnership with Dirceu and the other with Marcinho. And all in the language of Lennon & McCartney. Among the covers, old Slow Down (by Larry Williams) and Bye Bye Love (which the Everly Brothers made famous), the beautiful and unknown Onie, the heavy blues of Born Under A Bad Sign, and more Chester Fever and Welcome My Love . In this last one the outstanding one is due to the excellent vocal of the band that recalls the best interpretations of Fifth Dimension, Association, Orpheus and vocal groups of the time of the Californian flower-power.

Recorded on four channels and using the best in musical instruments, including a Hammond B-3 organ coupled to Leslie's box, the Red Snakes made a delightful, capricious, surprising and packed record of good times, especially the original compositions. With the exception of You Make Me A Fool, by Álvaro and Dirceu, a funk that mixes James Brown with Archie Bell and The Drells, entitled to repetitive guitar riffs and pulsating and firm bass, the others (Trying To Be Someone, Please Come On and Hold Me, I've Been Just A Little Boy and Pehaps Someday, this by Álvaro and Marcinho) are well-groomed, engaging melodies, guided, as always, by the band's excellent vocals. Unfortunately, few knew the disc. Not even with the help of the eternal Big Boy, who praised their work on their program, their songs reached the sympathy of radio programmers, "especially because they were sung in English," says Alvaro.

Of the LP, only Trying To Be Someone and Pehaps Someday were incorporated into the shows, more and more adorned with psychedelic projections............

01. Trying To Be Someone (open up your eyes)
02. Please Come On and Hold Me
03. Onie
04. You Make Me a Fool
05. Born Under a Bad Sign
06. Welcome Me Love
07. Slow Down
08. I've Been Just a Little Boy
09. Chest Fever
10. Perhaps Someday
11. Bye Bye Love 

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