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27 May 2017

Robertinho de Recife "Robertinho no Passo” (Com Hermeto Pascoal) 1978 Brazil Prog Jazz Rock MPB

Robertinho de Recife  "Robertinho no Passo” (Com Hermeto Pascoal) 1978 Brazil Jazz Rock Prog, MPB 
He began his career early as a prodigy and virtuoso guitarist. By the age of 12 he had played with his feet. In his professional life he has done a bit of everything: he played in pop bands in the United States; Studied sacred music at the seminary; Accompanied some of the idols of the Young Guard, such as Jerry Adriani and Rosemary; Played blues, jazz and country on transatlantic cruising the Brazilian coast; Was a studio musician, playing radically different styles in albums by Hermeto Pascoal, Cauby Peixoto, Jane Duboc and The Fevers; Played children's music and heavy metal; Released the album "Rapsódia Rock", with concerts that included an orchestra and in which Mozart dress was presented. Currently he also works as a producer ("Flor da Paraíba" by Elba Ramalho).......................

Nice album in a cheerful mood, that sometimes can have a tendency to easy listening but saved by the more complex arrangements or fun it never falls in meaningless entertainment. Though under the name of the then 13 years old guitarist Robertinho, it mostly sounds like a hidden joyfull Hermeto Pascoal album, who is involved with half of the compositions and plays piano, synths and sax. After the joyous ride it ends with the only exception in that mood, in a nine minutes long sensual sonic bath by Hermeto's piano explorations accompanied by .............

Robertinho de Recife, (Recife, 1965), is a guitarist, music producer, composer, instrumentalist and natural arranger from Recife.
Considered by many as one of the great guitarists of Brazil, his trajectory in the universe of the popular music consecrates it like professional of multiple talents and initiatives.
In the late 1960s, he accompanied some idols to Young Guard, such as Rosemary and Jerry Adriani. Touched on pop bands in the United States and also on transatlantic cruises along the Brazilian coast, being asked for such modalities as blues, jazz and country.
In the period when he was a studio musician, he played radically different styles when accompanying artists such as Jane Duboc, Cauby Peixoto, Os Fevers and Hermeto Pascoal. Another modality that also touched was the heavy metal and the infantile music. On the occasion of the release of his disc "Rhapsody Rock", was presented Mozart dress.
He had the pinnacle of his career in the 70s and 80s and then dedicated himself to accompanying artists such as Xuxa, Geraldo Azevedo, Zé Ramalho and Fagner.
Nowadays, he also works as a music producer in his studio, the Special Discos, in Rio de Janeiro (currently the most recent work is "Flor da Paraíba" by Elba Ramalho)....................

Considered a Guitar Hero and one of the best guitarists in Brazil, his trajectory in the universe of popular music enshrines him as a professional of multiple talents and initiatives.
He began to play still a boy, being soon appointed as prodigy guitarist. At age 12, already considered a virtuoso, he played with his feet. Still as a seminary student, he studied sacred music.
In the late 1960s, he accompanied some Young Guard idols such as Rosemary and Jerry Adriani. He played in pop bands in the United States and also in the transatlantic Rosa da Fonsêca in cruises along the Brazilian coast, being requested in modalities such as blues, jazz and country.
During his time as a studio musician, he played radically different styles when accompanying artists such as Jane Duboc, Agnaldo Timóteo, Cauby Peixoto, The Fevers and Hermeto Pascoal. Other arrangements he has also played include heavy metal and children's music. On the occasion of the release of his disc "Rapsódia Rock", in 1990, was presented dressed of Mozart playing classics.
On April 26, 1985, Robertinho, along with his band, MetalMania, opened a show for the American band Quiet Riot in São Paulo. The same happened in Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre and also with the English of Deep Purple.
In 1988, Robertinho de Recife recorded an album with the band Yahoo, of which he was the guitarist. Successes like "Love Bite" (version of the song Love Bites, of the British band Def Leppard).
Robertinho de Recife had the culmination of his career in the 70's and 80's and later devoted himself to producing artistically, Having produced more than 300 albums by many independent record labels and artists, such as Nelson Gonçalves, Angelica, Elba Ramalho, Xuxa, Geraldo Azevedo, Zé Ramalho and Raimundo Fagner, among others.
As a guitarist, Robertinho de Recife has participated in concerts or recorded with several international artists such as: George Martin Producer of the Beatles, Watchpocket, Stanley Clarke, Andy Summers (The Police), Deep Purple (when he was in Brazil), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Quiet Riot, Steve Cropper, Miami Sound Machine, John Lee Hooker, Cassandra Wilson, Simon Kirke (Free), Bonnie Ratt, Arto Lindsay, Taj Mahal, Gilles Martin, Dr. John And the Night Tripper and Candy Shoes String.
Among the national artists with whom he recorded, the following stand out: Xuxa, Geraldo Azevedo, Zé Ramalho, Raimundo Fagner, Hermeto Pascoal, Sivuca, Elba Ramalho, Amelinha, Lenine, Luis Melodia, Dominguinhos, Zeca Baleiro, Luis Caldas, Frank Solari, Moraes Moreira, Orlando Morais, Lulu Santos, Martinho da Vila, Marisa Monte, Gal Costa, Tânia Alves, Pepeu Gomes, Wagner Tiso, José Augusto, Agnaldo Timóteo, Elymar Santos, Rosanna, among others.
In addition to the episode of the Chicago band's invitation to play with them, he played in several international bands such as Watch Pocket, with his band METALMANIA, divided the stage with several international attractions like: Quiet Riot, Deep Purple, and in 2015 returned to Stages with the new Metamania and opened the show Judas Priest, Accept, and also made a special participation in the presentation of the band MANOWAR, NO MONSTER'S OF ROCK 2015, in São Paulo. ....................

What an interesting LP! Robertinho do Recife and Hermeto Pascoal, Robertinho no Passo (1978). Two different artists together making a wonderful LP making an tribute to Frevo, which is a musical style originally from Recife (a Northeast Brazilian state) with an unique dancing played on fast tempo with tuba, trombone, trumpets and sax.

Robertinho do Recife is an authentic Brazilian guitar hero that has – as AMG says bellow – an adventurous career, playing several different genres with his one of a king guitar playing syle.

A great team was assembled to this set, which had Hermeto Pascoal as arranger and composer of most tracks on this LP. Personnel and track list follows with AMG Robertinho do Recife bio, as well.........................

The first guitarist from Recife PE to achieve national success, Robertinho do Recife had quite an adventurous career (having played with Watch Pocket) before settling down as a renowned and successful producer in his own studio in Rio de Janeiro, where he produced performers such as Elba Ramalho, Geraldo Azevedo, and Zé Ramalho. As a session musician he worked with different movements represented by performers such as Jerry Adriani, Cauby Peixoto, Jane Duboc, Os Fevers, Rosemary, Hermeto Pascoal, and Fagner, among many others. He recorded eight solo albums from 1977 to 1990. After having been run over at age ten, do Recife had his femur fractured and had to stay at home, where he saw the Beatles and the Rolling Stones on TV. Impressed by the music and especially by the guitars, he insisted that his father buy one. The first group he joined was Os Príncipes, and the first band he formed (at age 12) was Os Ermitões, while he also performed in the Éforos. At 15, he was hired as guitarist for a cruise ship traveling to Rio. From there he went to São Paulo, looking for his uncle who played at the Stardust, the nightclub of Lanny Gordin’s father. After that season he returned to Recife, where he played in several bands that were into Tropicália, Os Mutantes, and the Beatles, like Bambinos and Os Moderatos, which had its own show at the local TV station, Jornal do Commércio. When he was playing in the LSE, Arto Lindsay and Carl Kolb were in the audience. After that, do Recife played in the Contribution. In the early ’70s, when do Recife was 16, he was invited by Carl Kolb to join the country music band, Candy Show String, from Mississipi. Soon after that he joined Memphis’ Watch Pocket, who had had the international hit “Mammy Blue.” He stayed with the band for nearly two years, until his visa expired. In 1973 do Recife returned to Recife, and in the next year, became Fagner’s musician, recording Raimundo Fagner (1976), soon followed by his own first solo album, Jardim de Infância (1977). Depressed by the death of his second son and determined to abandon music, do Recife refused an invitation to join Chicago after its Brazilian percussionist Laudir de Oliveira suggested his name. At Fagner’s insistence, he participated in his Quem Viver Chorará (1978), on the track “Revelação.” The song became a hit and he started to get invitations. Soon he had his own national hit with “O Elefante.” After severalcommercial works like the pop band Yahoo, do Recife built his own studio in Rio de Janeiro RJ, where he produced all kinds of works, including his fellow citizens Elba Ramalho (“Flor da Paraíba”) and friends Geraldo Azevedo and Zé Ramalho, keeping a low profile. ~ Alvaro Neder, All Music Guide.........

Hermeto Pascoal
Piano Fender 88, Poly Moog, Oberheim, Sax Soprano
Herman Torres
Bass, Badstone, Mutron II
Israel Semente
Bateria, Caixa, Tímpanos
Itiberê Zwarg
Bass (tracks 1 and 8)
Sergio Boré
Robertinho de Recife
Guitarras, Ecoplex, Mutron III, Octavider, Talk Box, Big Muff, Mutron II

01 Robertinho no passo (Hermeto Pascoal)
02 Nem um talvez (Hermeto Pascoal)
03 Vassourinha (Mathias da Rocha – Joana Batista Rocha)
04 Fogão (Sergio Lisboa)
05 Caboclinho (Hermeto Pascoal)
06 Frevo dos palhaços (Robertinho de Recife)
07 Arrecife (Robertinho de Recife)
08 Come e dorme (Nelson Ferreira)
09 Mundo novo (Hermeto Pascoal)
10 Abel (Hermeto Pascoal)


As leader or member
1961: Conjunto Som 4 (with Conjunto Som 4)
1966: Em Som Maior (with Sambrasa Trio)
1967: Quarteto Novo (with Quarteto Novo)
1969: Brazilian Octopus (with Brazilian Octopus)
1970: Hermeto Pascoal (solo debut, reissued on CD as Brazilian Adventure)(featuring Googie Coppola)
1973: A música livre de Hermeto Pascoal
1977: Slaves Mass
1979: Zabumbê-bum-á
1979: Ao vivo Montreux Jazz Festival
1979: Nova história da Música Popular Brasileira (compilation)
1980: Cérebro magnético
1982: Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo (reissued by Westwind Germany on CD as The Legendary Improviser. The reissue appears to be a copy from vinyl.)
1984: Lagoa da Canoa, Município de Arapiraca
1986: Brasil Universo
1987: Só não toca quem não quer
1988: Hermeto solo: por diferentes caminhos
1992: Festa dos deuses
1993: Instrumental no CCBB (with Renato Borghetti)
1998: Música!: o melhor da música de Hermeto Pascoal (compilation)
1999: Eu e eles
2002: Mundo verde esperança
2006: Chimarrão com rapadura (with Aline Morena)
2010: Bodas de Latão (with Aline Morena)
2013: Hermeto Pascoal: The Monash Sessions

As contributor
1956: Ritmos Alucinantes, by Clovis Pereira
1959: Batucando no Morro, by Pernambuco do Pandeiro e seu regional
1970: Natural Feelings, by Airto Moreira
1970: Electric Byrd, by Donald Byrd
1970: It Could Only Happen with You, by Duke Pearson
1970: Live-Evil, by Miles Davis
1971: Cantiga de Longe, by Edu Lobo
1971: Seeds on the Ground, by Airto Moreira
1975: Di Melo, by Di Melo
1976: Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly, by Flora Purim
1976 Goldenwings, by Opa
1977: Orós, by Raimundo Fagner
1978: Robertinho no passo, by Robertinho de Recife
1979: Sivuca, by Sivuca
1979: Live in Montreux, by Elis Regina
1980: Stone Alliance, by Márcio Montarroyos
1983: Cordas vivas, by Heraldo do Monte
1984: Ponto do músicos, by Nenê
1986: Balãozinho, by Eduardo Gudin
1986: Cordas mágicas, by Heraldo do Monte
1986: Pindorama, by Pau Brasil
1987: Flávio Pantoja, by Flavio Pantoja
1987: Dharana, by Dharana
1996: Brasil Musical - Série Música Viva - Pau Brasil E Hermeto Pascoal|Brasil Musical - Série Música Viva (with Pau Brasil)
1998: Maritmo, by Adriana Calcanhotto (on track "Canção por Acaso")
2000: Oferenda, by Aleuda
2000: Nação Nordestina, by Zé Ramalho (on track "Violando com Hermeto")
2003: Serenata: The Music of Hermeto Pascoal, by Mike Marshall and Jovino Santos Neto
2006: Roda Carioca, by Jovino Santos Neto
2013: Hermeto Pascoal: The Monash Sessions

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