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8 May 2017

Rockport "Born to Be Free" 1979 + Rockport "Waiting for Love "1977 German Underground Private Psych

Rockport  "Born to Be Free" 1979 + Rockport "Waiting for Love "1977 German Underground Private Psych

Rockport  "Born to Be Free" 1979 German Private Psych

 Ultra rare original 1977 German underground primitive basement psych private press housed in handmade silk screened cover. It is said that only 99 copies were made. ............

Rockport delivers a straight forwards rock with some very slight underground influences in Grave or Kaputter Hamster style,but generally they sound too amateuristic to be interesting.They released 3 LP's all in 1977.Their first album 'Born To Be Free' and their third album 'Dark Sea' were issued on New Blood,the label that spawned other German bands such as Prom,Dorian Grey and Last Exit.Their second album 'Waiting For Love' was released on the Sound label from Grave and Fran O'Rourke.Been told that only 99 copies from each album were pressed and given away to friends,relatives and family.Never sold in shops.Each album by them as an 100% handmade cover.'Born to be free' actually don't have any cover,but only an innersleeve with handsprayed names from the band and the albumtitle.Not any book from the German discography didn't notice something about this band.Maybe this band was not interesting enough to drop them inside or maybe the authors from those books even didn't know the existance from this band.In each case if you're a diehard collector from krautrock you need to have the Rockport albums inside,if you want to be complete.Not the best sound,but it's definately a collectible piece of

A1 Born To Be Free 2:20
A2 Soundshaker 4:25
A3 Rockport 3:40
A4 Fly High 3:25
A5 Empty Highway 4:15
B1 Donnerberg Reifer 3:55
B2 Candle Boogie 3:15
B3 Rock Me 1000 Times 3:10
B4 Show Me Your Star 3:15
B5 Phone Love 4:15

Rockport "Waiting for Love "1977 German Underground Private Psych

Rare as hell 1977 crude German underground psych rock record housed in silk screened sleeve. Over the years, it has been said that only 99 copies were made. ........

100 copies were pressed, all without cover, but sprayed inner sleeve. Just 30 copies had been distributed among relatives and friends. The rest is gone

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