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29 May 2017

Silvinha “Silvinha” 1971 Brazil Psych Jazz Rock,MPB

Silvinha “Silvinha” 1971 Brazil Psych Jazz Rock,MPB

Mineirinha of the city of Mariana, Silvinha is a singer that appeared in 1967, launched in the program of Chacrinha. She participated in several musical programs on television, also having her own program, "O Bom", in which she performed alongside Eduardo Araújo, who later became her husband. He recorded three LPs in Odeon, in the years 1968, 1969 and the one I present, from 1971. She became one of the most sought-after studio singers in Brazil, recording in double with several artists, including the husband Eduardo Araújo. Although not exactly a marvel, this record is one more that reflects well the climate of the early 70's. Worth the touch, worth checking out ...............

She began singing with the choir of folk songs organized by her mother, a music teacher in São João del Rei (MG), performing in radio and cultural programs, around 1963. Later, she included in the repertoire of the songs of the Beatles and Rita Pavone, artists she liked.

In 1965, at the invitation of Aldair Pinto, she went to Belo Horizonte (MG), to work on the television program Programa só para Mulheres, followed two years later to Rio de Janeiro RJ, being launched in the Chacrinha program. Hired by TV Excelsior of São Paulo (SP), she sang for some time in the Program of the Incredibles, and soon afterwards she started performing on the TV show O Bom, by singer Eduardo Araújo, with whom she married. Still in 1967 he recorded for the first time, the songs I will put to break and Bud's spell (both by Carlos Imperial), by Odeon. The following year he toured with Rhodia's show, singing at Fenit in São Paulo and at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, as well as other capitals in the country. On her return, she was hired by TV Tupi to return to the Incredibles Program, but six months later she was on TV Record.

She recorded three LPs at Odeon in the years 1968, 1969 and 1971. Hired by RCA Victor from 1972 to 1975, she participated in this year's show Along the Way of the Rock with Eduardo Araújo at the Teatro Bandeirantes, São Paulo, and recorded four Simple compacts. In 1975 he moved to the Copacabana label.

After a few years away from the stage, Silvinha began to do some vocalizations and backing vocals sporadically in jingles and discs, until, in 1978, the singer who was to record a piece lacked, being Silvinha called for the substitution. From then, it happened to be one of the most requested singers for recording of jingles. For over 20 years she was one of the most heard voices in Brazil in campaigns for Mc Donald's, Coca-Cola, Unibanco, Varig, among others.

Away from the publicity, it began to dedicate itself to the record label Number One (his and the husband). In 2001, he released the CD Suave é a Noite, with romantic songs. In 2007, he released a DVD commemorating the 40 years of the Young Guard, and was working on the dissemination of this work.

When she died, she was hospitalized for 21 days at Hospital 9 de Julho, due to complications of breast cancer that she had fought for 12 years. She was buried in Itapecerica da Serra..................

A1 Você Já Morreu E Se Esqueceu De Deitar 2:13 
A2 O Que Fazer Para Te Esquecer 3:10 
A3 Estou Pedindo Baby 2:16 
A4 Deixa A Cinza Deste Inverno Passar 2:37 
A5 Pra Toda A Geração 2:09 
A5 Paraíba 2:40 
B1 Risque 3:05 
B2 Seu Amor Ainda É Tudo Pra Mim 2:36 
B3 Leve A Vida 3:25 
B4 Nossos Filhos Serão Pais 3:46 
B5 É Minha Opinião 2:17

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