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25 May 2017

Som Nosso de Cada Dia"Som Nosso"1977 Brazil Latin Prog Funk Rock

Som Nosso de Cada Dia  "Som Nosso"1977  Brazil Latin Prog Funk Rock 
full with better sound….

Som Nosco De Cada Mia  was one of the most expressive groups of national progressive rock. "Snegs" is by far the TOP 1 album of the genre in the country. Manito (keyboards, saxophone and flute), Pedro Baldanza, "Pedrão" (guitar and bass) and Pedrinho Batera (drums and vocals) emerged in the city of São Paulo in the early 1970s. ............

The band was founded in 1972 by multi-instrumentalist Manito (ex-Incredibles), bassist Pedrão Baldanza (formerly New Baianos) and drummer Pedrinho (a former collaborator of Manito in his solo project).

After reuniting to form a dance band, the three of them change their minds and decide to invest in a more daring, less conventional sound and with more plural influences, going from Jimmy Hendrix to Sun Ra, evidently going through all the nuggets icons of Season, such as: Yes, Pink Floyd and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. After six months of testing and hundreds of acids in the box, the group consolidates a repertoire and an identity, something like the result of a meeting between Rick Wakeman and Edu Lobo.

Then, Manito accepts an invitation to replace Arnaldo Baptista in the Mutantes, however, for some reason ends up coming back a few weeks later, in time to record the debut of Nosso Nosso: "Snegs." The album is a public and critical success, being considered until today, next to "Tudo Been Made by So" dos Mutantes, as one of the greatest classics of progressive rock green and yellow.

The good repercussion of the album resulted in an invitation to the opening of the Brazilian tour of the Alice Cooper Group (worth remembering that Aunt Alice and her former cronies were in their prime at that time), where the trio played for an audience of more than 150 thousand people. The Our Sound shows caused such catharsis that it was possible to hear the audience still screaming for the band during Alice Cooper's performances.

After participating in the Aguas Claras Festival, Manito leaves the group again, leading the remaining members to successfully incorporate other elements to the formation, such as metals and two other guitars.

In 1977 the group released their second album, Som Nosso, strongly marked by influences of funk and soul brought by Pedrinho. Although played with a certain frequency in the radios, the work does not reach the commercial success of its predecessor, causing the band to end its activities a year later. To the friends, the blog makes available the two albums, fundamental piece in the collection of any fan of Progressive rock that prevailed.

The disc has until today has great repercussion, even in an international scope, in the circle of cultuadores of the style. In 1994 the members of the original line-up came together for the last time to celebrate the album's 20th anniversary. The result was a kaleidoscopic version for the opera O Guarani, by Carlos Gomes, placed as a bonus track for the commemorative edition................

The album "Som Nosso" was released, where Side 1 was called "Saturday" and Sunday 2 "Side". The "Saturday" with Funk sound, appropriate for "Saturday Night Fever" and "Sunday" with beautifully progressive songs, perfect for the relaxation and quiet of a "Sunday".

The idea was brilliant and the album reasonably successful, but for various reasons, the band eventually broke up. As a last breath, they released just one more compact, but this one had the grateful accomplishment of the title of one of its songs to have inspired the name of a new band: BANDA BLACK-RIO, famous and historical band of Funk instrumental carioca.

P.S .: Very important to note that this kind of Funk setentista NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING has to do with the "funk" that exists today in Brazil .............

Formed in the 70's in São Paulo, the group adopted the progressive rock style, with elements of psychedelism. With diverse members (Manito, Pedrinho, Marcinha, Egídio, Dino Vicente, Rangel), he acted like trio most of the time. One of them, saxophonist Manito, was part of the band The Incredibles, one of the most popular of the Young Guard. The first of the two albums released by the band is the most famous. "Sneg", of 1975, is considered one of the classics of the Brazilian rock of years 70. The Som Nosso of Each Day arrived to open a show of Alice Cooper in the Maracanãzinho. ....................

Som Nosso de Cada Dia is one of the most emblematic bands in the Brazilian musical scene of the 70's and its second album "SOM NOSSO", released in 1977 by CBS and re-released on CD by Sony Music in 2001, revealed the Funk / Black face to his Public that until then only knew the Progressive side of the group.

Side A of the LP with the subtitle Saturday brought only a part of a large repertoire of swings, leads and melodies of the partners Pedrinho Batera and Pedrão known in the 'mouths' of Santos and Sampa for their contagious Funk sound.

This unreleased repertoire next to the Funk side of the album of 77 is found in Project Sábado, the new adventure of Som Nosso de Cada Dia................

Line-up / Musicians
- Pedrinho / drums & vocals
- Pedrão / bass & vocals
- Dino / keyboards
- Paulinho / keyboards
- Rangel / percussion & vocals 

Snegs - 1974 - Continental / PRW - 1993
Som Nosso (sábado/domingo) - 1977 - CBS


Pra Swingar 2:29
Levante A Cabeça 2:04
François 2:58
Pra Segurar 2:34
Estação Da Luz 3:17
Vida De Artista 3:06
Bem No Fim 3:22
Montanhas 5:29
Neblina 3:35
Água Limpa 3:33
Rara Confluência 6:11

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